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Real Fight in “Fight Club” Movie by David Fincher

Discussing and analyzing the movie “Fight Club”, directed by David Fincher and based on the novel written by Chuck Palaniuk in 1996, and screenplay written by Jim Uhls, it is necessary to note that the given movie draws up some important issues concerning life experiences: the person’s knowledge about oneself in case if one has never been in a fight; if the person can feel oneself as a different human with the different personality waking up in a different place. Therefore, raises the judgment that the Fight club can be regarded as the real fight beyond the fighting.

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This action-thriller movie was released in the United States on 15 October 1999 and was soon nominated for various Academy Awards in this country. Among these, in 2000, it was nominated for Oscar Award for the best effects and for sound effects editing, and also nominated for Blockbuster Entertainment Award for the favorite action team. In 2000, “fight club” won the Empire Award of the United Kingdom for the best British actress – and Helena Bonham Carter got it.

In accordance with the “Fight Club” movie review made by the Fourth Channel Film, “Fight Club It begins with a journey through a man’s brain. It ends with a city collapsing to the accompaniment of The Pixies … [In between times, David Fincher’s Fight Club visits unchartered parts of the human mind and the American underworld] … Planes and apartments blow-up, men beat one another senseless, a man quits his job, soap gets made – yes, all human life is here …” (Luck, 1999). In order to express such a “journey” through a man’s brain, the talented and experienced actors were cast: Edward Norton, as the narrator, Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden, and Helena Bonham Carter, as Marla Singer.

Tracing the course of the movie, it is possible to see that the narrator is a really unhappy person, like their job and specific lifestyle make him unable to sleep. As his doctor refuses to prescribe him the medicine for insomnia, the narrator attends support groups for those who sufferer testicular cancer, where he meets Marla Singer, who shatters his bliss.

Another significant point of the movie happens, when, during his business trip flight, the narrator meets Tyler Durden, a charismatic flamboyant soap salesman who suggests he join Fight Club (located in the basement) in order to release himself from frustration and suggests narrator stay in his place. Following this, the viewer observes Tyler Durden rescuing Marla, who overdoses on Xanax and observing the two beginning a sexual relationship.

Quite soon, Tyler’s Fight Club grows into Project Mayhem – the terroristic network, which carries out anti-corporate vandalism acts in the city. But the narrator feels disillusioned and really disturbed about the Club’s actions, especially

when a member of the organization Bob (played by Meat Loaf), dies during the so-called mission. This makes the narrator shut down the Club, and at this moment he realizes the truth about Tyler and Marla.

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In the conclusion, it might be said that “… continued exposure to Fight Club only enhances your admiration for both the movie and its message. In no way a secret endorsement of the system, this is a film that leaves your third eye squeegeed clean so that you can face a brave new world” (Luck, 1999). The movie, indeed, discovers and reveals the hidden features and desires of everyday life, it shows that Fight Club is the real fight beyond the fighting.

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