Reassessing Personal Life After Psychology Course


The study of various psychological theories and concepts may allow taking a new look at the world and changing the perception of usual communication, behavioral, and other habits. After completing this Psychology course, my vision of certain aspects of life has become different, and new views have emerged regarding interaction with people. Due to the information that I have already studied, today, I am able to understand some nuances of human behavior and those motives that push to specific deeds.

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It, in turn, is a valuable experience that can allow me to explore psychology in more detail and discover new aspects of this science in the future. The purpose of this work is to evaluate what impact the course has had on my perception of reality and the manner of behavior in everyday life and how this knowledge may be used further.

Association Between the Information Learned and Personal Changes

When recalling the material studied during the classes, I can note that some of the topics have made a significant impression on me and my perception of the world. In particular, the motivational theory described by King (2016) has allowed me to better understand the factors that can affect people’s interests and the desire to achieve goals. Based on this information, I have begun to think over my daily routine more carefully in order not to waste time and engage in those tasks that are the most important. This approach has given me an opportunity to have more free time that I can spend with friends and family, which is certainly a plus.

Also, I have become more neutral in relation to some situations that could bring me powerful emotions previously. As King (2016) remarks, human behavior is nothing more than a set of habits under the influence of the environment and not characterized by dynamism. Accordingly, changing the way of life fundamentally and starting to consider certain events differently is not an easy task for an adult. Nevertheless, since I have an idea of ​​what factors shape people’s motives ​​others and their actions, today, I can judge sensibly and calmly those situations that used to cause me anger before. I believe that these changes are positive and hope to continue to apply this knowledge, adapting to the instability of relationships with people.

Changes of Viewpoints on Certain Subjects

Making sure that those psychological theories that I have studied are confirmed in practice, I have begun to look differently at the manifestations of human emotions. For instance, I am aware of such a concept as persuasive communication, which, as Stiff and Mongeau (2016) argue, is a verbal interaction that allows conveying a specific thought to an interlocutor and influencing a potential response.

However, I have no any desire to convince people and make them refuse their views. When studying the phenomena of human consciousness, I have come to a conclusion that I am not interested in proving my opinions to people who are ready to challenge them at any cost. At the same time, earlier, I argued quite often, trying to prove my point. Nevertheless, now, realizing that this behavior will not affect the personal beliefs of an opponent in a dispute, it is easier for me to stop any attempts of persuasion.

Also, I would like to note my change of views on the behavior of people in unusual situations. Earlier, non-standard manifestations of emotions, for example, cry or anger frightened me. However, today, I understand that what drives people who demonstrate a strange reaction to certain events unconsciously. According to Gough and Deatrick (2015), the influence of the environment on behavior is perhaps the most significant factor. The abrupt change of a familiar and comfortable atmosphere can affect the human psyche fundamentally, causing a variety of emotions that I want to study and evaluate but not to condemn. Therefore, some changes in my viewpoints are significant, and I notice them myself.

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Reassessment of Different Aspects of Life

The in-depth learning of the psychological nuances of the human personality development has allowed me to reassess some aspects of life and change my attitude to certain standards. In particular, I have begun to relate differently to the level of people’s knowledge people and education in general. According to King (2016), the human development cannot be regarded in the context of a common and unified approach since individual characteristics manifested at an early age largely determine the inclinations and abilities of different people. Based on this assumption, I cannot judge the level of a person’s education solely by the results of his or her academic performance.

The degree of each student’s abilities can be different, and a person may not be blamed for all the failures. To understand motives and reasons, it is crucial to know about the environment in which a particular individual was raised. Otherwise, competent conclusions regarding the inclinations of the manifestation of certain cognitive skills are impossible. Moreover, I believe that my success is not always individual since a number of people have made efforts for me to achieve some progress.

Changes in Interaction

Based on the noted changes in my attitude to the world around, I can also mention more relaxed communication with other people as one of the manifestations of changes in my world perception. I feel that I have become more tolerant of others’ mistakes because I am imperfect myself. Also, it is more pleasant for me to learn something new about people and talk to them. As it is known, almost any person likes to talk about himself or herself, and in the eyes of my interlocutors, I look a grateful listener. As Stiff and Mongeau (2016) remark, attitude changes often occur when influenced by the receipt of new valuable information. I can call the studied course a good source of acquiring valuable knowledge, which not only has helped me to better understand the cognitive peculiarities of peoples development, but also to change my life for the better.


The course that I have passed has had a significant impact on my perception of the world, and the knowledge that I have gained is valuable for the further study of human psychology. I have acquired many valuable skills and begun to look at various routine actions differently, changing my attitude to those aspects of life that seemed ordinary earlier. Communication with friends and family members has become more interesting and open, and I have more free time due to the reasonable distribution of tasks. In general, I hope that all my knowledge is a sufficiently strong background to continue studying the characteristics of human psychology and relationships.


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