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ReDefine: Consumer Persona Analysis

ReDefine key customer is a young person who uses the internet to research and plan their travel around the world. The exact consumer can be described as an escapist and learner. As an escapist, they are thrill seeking and adventurous, always open and ready for destination and content discovering and exploring (Baniya et al., 2021). Since escapists often do not have a destination in mind, ReDefine can market its tourist attractions to capture their attention. ReDefine’s product will also appeal to learners who value cultures and want historical interactions with their destinations (Baniya et al., 2021). The company’s online presence will provide crucial information about various sites that will captivate learners. ReDefine must create an online presence that appeals to escapists and learners, as they would benefit most from the company’s offering.

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In this consumer persona, ReDefine’s learner tourist is described in detail. The persona profile presents a young career woman in her early thirties. She is unmarried and has no children but is dating. She travels alone or with friends and buys her travel packages one to three months earlier; she does not exhibit impulsive purchasing behavior. She learns of new destinations or travel agents through word of mouth, confirms it on social media, and learns more on company websites. She is financially stable, without house mortgage or car loan. As a learner tourist, she conducts research on the internet regarding tourist destinations in her chosen country. She has loyalty towards certain brands, positioning her as a long-term customer of ReDefine.

Image by vedayumagazine from Pixabay Fictional consumer
Image by vedayumagazine from Pixabay Fictional consumer: Juliana Leo. 32. New York City.

Juliana Leo is a single working young woman who is dating but has no children. She is the second born child in a family of two boys and one girl. The customer works a nine to five job and travels twice every year to various continents. Juliana lives in a rented apartment and owns a prestigious car she uses to go to work and back. Her hobbies in town include watching movies, playing golf, and interacting with new people. When she travels to tourist destinations, Juliana likes to visit new places, learn new cultures, and make friends. She does most of her shopping online and chooses door deliveries for most of it.

The challenge Juliana might face is lack of enough or complete information online. As a learner tourist, she conducts research on the internet regarding tourist destinations in her chosen country. If there are scanty or lacking information, she might decide to change the country of destination. As such, ReDefine must ensure that all their tourist attraction sites and activities are listed and properly described on the website. Juliana will mostly begin her research from social media or through referrals from friends then proceed to various websites for more information. Therefore, insufficient or complete lack of such information on the internet would present as a serious challenge to her travel plans.

Juliana travels alone, with her boyfriend, or alongside her girlfriends. Therefore, she buys products for herself, boyfriend, or friends depending on travelling plans. She purchases her ticket two to three months before her departure flight from the city. As an early planner, Juliana seeks the advantage of discounts and low rates linked to offseason buying. She does not exhibit impulsive purchasing behavior at all, as she seeks to understand her destinations and plan before the journey begins. When travelling with others, Juliana might purchase group offers a month or two earlier.

The two primary sources of information that Juliana uses to choose her destinations include referrals from friends and workmates and social media. During social events such as parties and weddings, Juliana interacts with friends and uses the opportunity to learn about new great destinations she can visit. At work, Juliana and her colleagues encourage sharing travel experiences, whether positive or negative to help others enjoy their leaves. In addition, she checks and takes notes of the comments and feedback given on her social media. For example, if a friend recommends ReDefine to her, she searches the company’s social media pages and scrolls through the comments and reviews. From the social network posts, she visits the website for more information.

Juliana enjoys some level of financial freedom because she has savings and investments. Additionally, she does not live paycheck to paycheck but ensures there are emergency funds. Juliana has a stable job with a monthly salary and paid annual leave. She spends wisely while setting aside enough money for her vacations. She lives in a rented apartment and drives a fully paid for car. Therefore, without mortgage and car repayments, her only debt obligation is a credit card she uses for shopping. As a single youthful woman, Juliana spends a considerable part of her money on leisure, learning, and other self-development activities.

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Juliana hopes for comfort during her travel and aims at learning new cultures, exploring undiscovered destinations, and interacting with people she has never met. While comfort is at the center of her vacation, she seeks to explore new sites and depends on suggestions from guides. Her other goal is to relax and get away from the busy schedules of her job. As she achieves the goals, she needs a safe place where new connections are possible to establish. Therefore, she chooses places that are often visited by others over solitary and less visited sites. Juliana also enjoys indulging in local culture cuisines and prefers destinations that offer a variety of them.

Juliana has several brand affinities in clothing, food items, shoes, and perfume. Most of her attires are from Chrome Hearts while her luxury brand is Louis Vuitton. Although she buys clothes from other brands when she finds them attractive, she follows Chrome Hearts and Louis Vuitton on their social media pages to stay updated about new product launches. When it comes to soft beverages, Juliana chooses Coca Cola over Pepsi and others. She buys most of her processed foods from Tyson Foods Inc. Juliana’s shoes are mainly from Sergio Rossi and Gianvito Rossi. In short, Juliana has a considerable level of customer loyalty and brand affinity. She might develop such loyalty with travel agents and other tourism organizations like ReDefine.

Considering the three promises offered by to its customers, Juliana is a perfect consumer of the product. She wants to discover while travelling and ReDefine will make that possible by exploring undiscovered areas. Juliana seeks to learn new cultures and enjoy their cuisine, which is another promise from ReDefine. The third promise fulfills Juliana’s need for relaxing before she goes bank to the hustles and tussles of city life. This is fulfilled through meaningful explorations and a happy adventure achieved from new knowledge and connections.


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