Relations to the Idea of Responsibility

Responsibility refers to the willingness of an individual to control one’s thoughts, actions, and behavior to create and promote a society that gives all people equal opportunity without infringing on their rights and wellbeing. A responsible human being is someone who accepts that his or her behavior and actions have the potential of affecting others and as such, control them. A competent person takes their mistakes, respects other people, and behaves in ways that are considered as ethical in society. In contrast, irresponsibility refers to the promotion of actions and behaviors that infringe on the well-being of other people in community. Responsibility is a sign of maturity. Responsible people treat everyone with respect and often realize that their actions should not affect other people negatively.

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I feel responsible for many things in my life. These include my education, my health, my family, and the environment. It is my responsibility to work hard in school to attain knowledge because no one can do it for me. My friends and family cannot go to school and learn on my behalf. For that reason, I feel responsible for attending school without fail, completing homework on time, and taking assessment tests as required by the school administration. Also, I feel responsible for choosing and pursuing a career of my choice. Many young people allow their parents to choose careers for them and end up attracting unhappiness in their lives.

In contrast, I choose a career based on my passions and talents because exploring and exploiting talent is my responsibility. I am responsible for my family, community, and country too. I must promote and support initiatives that improve the welfare of the community. Finally, I feel responsible for conserving the environment. This is possible through supporting anti-pollution policies, avoiding improper waste disposal, and participating in awareness programs that teach communities how to conserve the environment. I do not feel responsible for the lives of others, especially the challenges they face like diseases, unemployment, and failure in school. These are personal responsibilities of every individual. For example, every person should learn the importance of good hygiene and physical exercise to avoid certain illnesses like cholera, obesity, and diarrhea. Also, everyone should be responsible for their education and careers. Parents should not choose careers for their children because they should allow them to explore their passions and talents. Therefore, education is more efficacious when children choose careers for themselves.

My sense of responsibility extends outside my immediate responsibility in several ways. For instance, I feel responsible for the conservation of the environment and the promotion of the wellbeing of people with disabilities. Conservation of the environment is necessary both for human sustenance and for the welfare of future generations. For that reason, I do everything in my power to protect and conserve the environment. On the other hand, I help people with disabilities by offering emotional and financial support, as well as supporting equal opportunities. In many workplaces, people with disabilities are discriminated about employment and promotion

. I support initiatives and programs that fight for people with disabilities so that they can enjoy equal opportunities like other people. Finally, I feel responsible for cohesion and peace in society. For that reason, I support various peace initiatives and embrace people of other races, genders, and ethnic origins without discriminating them. One of the main causes of war and instability in society is religious, ethnic, and racial intolerance among people. To avoid this, I treat everyone with respect and love regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion.

I take several things serious, especially those that determine my well-being and the well-being of other people. These include education, conservation of the environment, spirituality, time management, behavior, and health. Education and health are important matters that I take very seriously. Health determines my vitality and ability to handle everyday responsibilities. On the other hand, education determines my level of maturity and success in life. It teaches me about the different roles I am supposed to play to improve my community and country. I also take my spirituality seriously because spiritual nourishment is an important aspect of living a good life because every human being has a spiritual side.

Finally, I take environmental conservation seriously. Through education, I have acquired knowledge that has taught me the importance of conserving the environment and the dangers of failing to conserve the environment. Therefore, I support environmental conservation programs and promote safe practices of proper waste disposal. On my part, I dispose of the waste properly and refrain from practices that pollute the environment. Finally, I take my actions and behavior seriously to avoid hurting other people. One sign of responsibility is practicing moderation in both speech and actions. I always make sure that my words and actions promote goodness and peace, and do not create hatred and animosity among people.

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