Personal Responsibility in Society


Every human being has a role to play in life. Any role played by an individual may contribute to personal or societal growth. Individuals in the society have different levels of responsibility depending on the hierarchy of the social structure and individuals’ dependent on them (Brown 67). The following discussion delineates on my view on responsibility and issues that I feel responsible for in my life.

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Meaning of Responsibility

Responsibility is the act of being held accountable for one’s, actions with or without supervision. For one to be a responsible person, one must be disciplined, time conscious, and always be ready to defend his or her cause of action (Brown 107). Different situations call for different levels of responsibilities.

Things I am Responsible for in Life

There are quite a lot of things that I feel that I am responsible for in life, but I will only analyze the main ones; first is self-respect. There is no way the people around me are going to accord or treat me the way I deserve if I do not respect myself. It is my responsibility to work hard in life so that I can improve my living standard. If I am lazy, nobody will help me come out of that situation unless I am willing to be held responsible for my actions.

The company I keep in life too is my responsibility, be it with friends or business associates as they clearly identify with what kind of person I am. No human being can survive on his or her own, in one way or another one will always need help and there is no way one is going to seek it from a bad company not unless one wants to ruin his or her reputation in the society. The image that one carries in the society is what defines an a person and it is an individual responsibility to make it good or bad.

Things I Am Not Responsible For

There are things that I do not feel indebted to or cannot be held accountable for. Births, deaths, weather changes are God’s responsibility and there is no way I can prevent them from happening. The individuals that other people want to be friends or associated with are not my responsibility as they do not impact my life in any way. The decisions they make regarding their lives is all up to them.

Generally it is very hard to choose for other individuals what will make them happy, improve their living standards, or elevate their status in the society

My Responsibility in the Society

My responsibility in the society changes because I have been mandated to play a role in the society that will bring change to the society; these roles may relate to politics, religions, or social acts. All eyes are on me to lead them in the right way and be ready to defend the society by all means possible.

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Politically, I am the link that brings the society together and my actions are held in high esteem. I tasked with the responsibility of connecting the society to the outside world, be it in terms of business opportunities, education, and hospitality. Religiously, I am involved in educating the society on the fact that there is a supreme being who should be worshipped. I ensure that they understand there are many religions and different beliefs and everyone should respect each other religion groups.

Things I Take Seriously

I take my family responsibility seriously by ensuring I achieve my expectation. My family roles are crucial to those who depend on me to deliver. I take these roles seriously since I understand the value of a family and the role of a family in an individual development.

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