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Researching of Decision-Making Models

Comparison of Models

There are two models that can be utilized to make a decision, for instance, the hiring one. The first one is the rational decision-making model, which consists of eight steps. These stages are: identification of the problem, the establishment of decision criteria, decision criteria weighting, generation of alternatives and their evaluation, the best alternative choosing, implementation of the decision, and evaluation of the decision (Course Material Decision-Making Models, n.d.). This approach is not suitable for quick decision-making, but the complex approach enables the precise consideration of all the factors, alternatives, and nuances. It is possible to use this model to evaluate both candidates based on the outlined steps of the process. The most vital part of this decision-making approach is establishing and weighing decision criteria to ensure that a candidate best meets the specific needs of a company.

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In contrast, the other model, which is intuitive decision making, is beneficial for rapid decision-making, as it is based rather on previous experience, patterns, and concepts rather than on rational factors. This model may be used to define which type of employee suits the company’s environment the best, the experienced woman or a man with great potential. The organizational leader may consider their experience with different employees and rely on established points of view regarding one or other type of employee.

Choice Suggestion

It is possible to state that both models can be utilized in this case, as both candidates have their unique pros and cons that make it equally useful to approach the situation rationally or follow intuition. However, I can recommend following the eight steps of the rational decision-making model as there is no apparent need to make a choice quickly. It might also be more beneficial for the company to hire exactly the right person for current needs fulfilling, for which the appropriate criteria are more valuable than intuitive decision-making.


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