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Researching of Stakeholder Theory

When defining the target settings for the activities of an organization, the diverse interests of various parties should be acknowledged. Stakeholder theory presents a universal approach that considers the interests of stakeholders and an organization (Fernando and Lawrence, 2014). The main stakeholders are investors, consumers, competitors, suppliers, and financial institutions. Analyzing public reporting of economic entities allows stakeholders to assess liquidity and the profitability of business activities (García-Sánchez and Noguera-Gámez, 2017). Financial stability is of interest to the owners of the economic entity and investors. The latter discloses the sustainability of a company through the prism of reducing investment risks.

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The level of the financial performance and the stability of the organization’s development are of interest to creditors, suppliers, and employees. While owners and investors aim to obtain economic benefits in the short, medium, and long term, suppliers are guided by sustainability figures only in the short or medium term (García-Sánchez and Noguera-Gámez, 2017). From the creditor’s perspective, the defining information is the ability of the business to service its loans in the long term (García-Sánchez and Noguera-Gámez, 2017). Finally, employees are interested in the company’s functioning in the future, which provides them with stability in ensuring wages and jobs.

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