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Responsibilities of a Technical Professional

The use of internet has created a huge chance for the population using it within the last decade. It is a prime tool of success in the recent era. Thus, it becomes important to analyze and focus on the subject of responsibilities that a technical professional must indulge while walking the path of this extremely profitable medium. Thus the areas of focus in this paper would include strategies for lifelong learning using technology, using electronic information in a responsible manner along with communication and management skills and lastly it would be looked upon the variables where the responsibilities that a technical professional lies on the subjects who are unable to produce out of this opportunity.

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It should be mentioned that the ability to access the internet and the inability to access it creates a huge gap between individuals. The Digital Divide can be well stated as a major problem inside the United States. The basic problem relating to this issue is the issue of inequality or to be more specific the issue of inequality of chance. In this age of market, induced economy the prime source of power is information that is directly into money power. Thus, the individuals who are able to access the digital opportunity are readily in an advantageous potion than those who are not. (Lamb, 322)

Similarly, the digital divide is a major problem around the world and the reason is just the same as the issue in the United States. In this case the inequality is much more wide spread. “More than 80% of people in the world have never even heard a dial tone, let alone surfed the Web. And the gap between the information haves and have-nots is widening.” (Special Report, BBC News Online, 1, 3) Thus this inequality tends to create a greater gaps between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ making the situation volatile and eligible grooming field for terrorism. (Lamb, 329)

The use of electronic information in a responsible manner is a very important feature of a technical professional. It is true the irresponsible use of the digital world can yield a very high return in an extremely fast manner but it should be noted that this return is purchased in a fair and legal mode otherwise the end concept of the entire system would eventually fail. The use of electronic information in a responsible manner is necessary for every individual who operates in the virtual surroundings. Things like hacking should be avoided. It has been found that “Hackers strike every 39 seconds”. (UPI, 1) The business of internet and the digital commerce is largely based on faith and faith is the major aspect of any financial transactions thus it becomes extremely important for any technical professional to use electronic information in a responsible, legal and ethical manner. (King, 188-189) For example, “Lawyers who participate in Internet discussion groups should avoid including any confidential information that could be associated with a particular case or controversy.” (ILS, 1)

The only possible solution in this regard would be to enable the entire population of the United States to access the internet and for this the public-sector organizations, private sector organizations, or non-profit sector organizations all should work together. As for international sector, the United Nations should encourage the backward countries to overcome this digital divide in both financial and technological manner. (King, 37-38) Thus, there is a specific role for the IT professionals and IT companies to play in overcoming the digital divide.

The first and foremost importance regarding the sense of responsibility as a technical professional is the use of technology as a survival strategy through learning. This learning method is the spirit of being updated all the time. This is a skill that requires the vibe of the current tends and innovations and thus it becomes a prime responsibility for a technical professional to keep things updated and upgraded. The up gradation process is a continuous procedure and failing to do would certainly deliver a sense of injustice to the fundamental skill of the technical professional. (King, 227)

For a technical professional the aspects of communication and management skills are very important when it comes to digital world. Thus, it becomes a very important part of the growing responsibility of the technical professional working in the media. Communication and management skills is impotent for a technical professional simply because this digital world is basically a non physical world and where physicality is not involved, proper mode of communication and management becomes very important to convey the thought process of one individual to the other. As a result, the skill of communication and management becomes a vital aspect of the technical professional’s work environment. Without proper and clear communication and management skills, it is certain that the result of any project would ultimately prove to be a failure. Proper management techniques should be applied, miscommunications should be avoided, and all these remain as necessary responsibility of a technical professional. (King, 198)

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