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Restaurant Business During COVID-19

COVID-19 pushes companies to quickly change approaches to work and puts the stability of various systems to a severe test. Businesses have to deal with the risks of disruption of continuity, sudden quantitative changes, real-time decision-making, productivity indicators, and security threats. Managers must act very quickly, addressing the immediate challenges of system resilience while laying the foundation for the future of their organizations. Many businesses have been severely affected by the spread of the coronavirus, including the restaurant business. The COVID-19 virus has led to terrible consequences not only for restaurant owners, reducing the number of visitors but also for employees, as many were laid off due to crisis circumstances.

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Restaurants are one of the few industries most affected by the pandemic. Many people are used to visiting restaurants, ordering takeaway food, celebrating family, and social celebrations in public catering places. Many of them were forced to close for a while, and some for good, as this type of business ceased to be profitable and profitable. The Restaurant Association claims that in the US, the restaurant industry ended 2020 with a total sales volume of $240 billion below the pre-pandemic season (“State of the restaurant industry report measures virus’ impact on business,” 2021). Currently, business people who have suspended the operation of restaurants during the pandemic, but did not close it, are looking for ways to earn money, even in a crisis.

The suspension or closure of restaurants has put many people out of work. It is disappointing that even if the restaurant is re-launched after the pandemic, not everyone will get their jobs back. Kochhar and Barosso argue that in 2020 in the United States, the number of applications for unemployment insurance increased by 3 million in one week (Factank, 2020). These statistics mean that an incredible number of people have suffered from unemployment, and now it will be challenging to find a new job where their skills will be needed.

In conclusion, the coronavirus has caused irreparable damage not only to businesses but also to many people’s lives. In order to restore at least a small part of the past habitual life, it takes a lot of time and patience. Currently, people need to adapt, and they need to look for new jobs and think about how profitable it is to maintain a business that does not generate income.


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