40 Restaurant Essay Topics

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  1. Staff Turnover in Restaurants: Causes and Effects
    Staff changes within the small and medium business result in lost revenue. Causes of staff turnover are errors in recruitment strategy and personnel management.
  2. Ruth’s Chris Restaurants SWOT Analysis
    Ruth’s Chris steak house is a worldwide series of chic restaurants. Diverse schedules have positioned Ruth’s Chris in the midst of the greatest restaurants in the United States.
  3. Subway Restaurant in the US
    Subway is a restaurant which operates within the US restaurant industry. In its operation, the firm intends to be established as the best fast food restaurant in the US.
  4. Hardees Restaurant’ Commercial Marketing
    The Hardees Restaurant commercial with Katherine Webb is eating the Buffalo blue cheese burger widely appeals to the targeted audience using logic, credibility, and emotion.
  5. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Audit and Strategic Plan
    The main objective of this report is to present a full situational audit of Jumbo Seafood and develop a strategic plan for the next 3 years.
  6. Zizzi’s Restaurant: Job Satisfaction and Behavior
    Zizzi has acquired major problems with its staff because of a close focus on the production process, which ensues from the company’s mission and vision.
  7. Ritz Carlton Hotel and The Room Mate Restaurant: Companies Analysis
    The Ritz Carlton is a competitive hotel ensuring that every customer is contented. The Room Mate Restaurant is a three-star chain of hotels offering quality service.
  8. McDonald’s and Burger King Restaurants Contrast
    The essay examines the contrasts that exist between McDonald’s and Burger King Restaurants using culture and service quality.
  9. Russian Restaurant in the UK Macro Environment
    The primary purpose of this work is to see whether opening the Russian restaurant in London is feasible based on the macro-environment analysis.
  10. Restaurant Industry Service Process Design
    This paper aims to analyze the factors influencing the service process design in the restaurant industry and the operational performance objectives that affect process design decisions.
  11. Blue Ridge Restaurant and Terralumen Partnership
    This paper develops a plan to dissolve partnership between Blue Ridge Restaurant and Terralumen and analyzes the cross-cultural values in United States, Spain, Finland, and Greece.
  12. The Fine-Dining Restaurant Project
    The fine-dining restaurant project at Thompson Rivers University is designed to meet the TRU’s five strategic priorities and to address the dinner services needs of the immediate community.
  13. Small Pizza Restaurant’s Inventory Management
    This paper aims at analyzing various factors affecting inventory management and the most efficient inventory management methods in a small pizza restaurant.
  14. Hospitality and Restaurant Management: Singapore
    The hotel and hospitality industry in Singapore is doing well at the moment; and both the political and economic environment for the restaurant business remains favourable.
  15. Einstein Bros Bagel Restaurant’ Quality
    The following study examines the quality of a product “Thintastic Buffalo Chicken Bagel” which is produced and sold in Einstein Bros. Bagels, a bagel, and coffee restaurant chain.
  16. Big Bone BBQ and Wicked Wings Restaurants’ Operations Management
    The current system of Big Bone BBQ is successful, but it does not realize its full potential due to a lack of automation that leads to imprecision and considerable wastage.
  17. Akdar Restaurant: Basic Marketing Plan
    Upon a careful market study in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, it was clear that there was no vegan restaurant that could meet the needs of those practicing veganism.
  18. Yalla Momos Restaurant Business Plan in Dubai
    The analysis of the Yalla Momos restaurant’s issues, as well as the evaluation of possible interventions using the right marketing strategies, can help the owners to solve some problems.
  19. Subway Restaurant Evaluation
    The restaurant Subway located near CCSU serves a healthy alternative to fast-food. This article shows why Subway should be considered by learners attending CCSU.
  20. Having a Lunchtime Meal in a Restaurant
    The size of the restaurant is immensely appealing. It is exceptionally spacious. It has the capacity to accommodate large crowds of people.

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  1. Fast-Food Restaurant’s Capacity Increasing Options
    The fast-food restaurant is experiencing a booming business and looking for ways to increase its capacity to serve more customers. The management has come up with two options.
  2. Remington’s Restaurant: Performance and Satisfaction
    The purpose of the research project is to explore the research methodology of Remington’s Restaurant, assess how patrons perceive the performance, and determine customer satisfaction.
  3. Leadership Style and Performance in UK Restaurants
    This research paper explores leadership behavior orientations within the restaurant sector in the UK in terms of their relationship to employee motivation.
  4. Organisational Communication in the UK’s Restaurant Industry
    This paper discusses the research methodology of the degree to which different management styles influence the quality of organisational communication in the UK’s restaurant industry.
  5. Indian Culture and Food in the Raaga Restaurant
    Before visiting Raaga, a restaurant of Indian cuisine, I tried to consider what I knew about this culture and whether I would eat what I would be served.
  6. McDonald’s Fast-Food Restaurant’s Analysis
    The management at McDonald’s would view the SWOT analysis as being partly exhaustive of the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company.
  7. Outback Steakhouse Restaurant’s Selection Process
    Outback Steakhouse has managed to enhance its internal capabilities through a thorough employee selection that attracts the right people for the job in the company.
  8. Hospitality and Restaurant Management in Singapore
    In Singapore, the hospitality industry has for a long time performed well and made considerable market gains. The restaurant industry is a component of the larger hospitality industry.
  9. Simmers Restaurant Service Experience
    Simmers Restaurant observes the principles of satisfactory customer service and therefore can win customer loyalty.
  10. Interview with Aldo’s Restaurant and Bakery Owner
    This paper presents an interview with Aldo Olivieri, who, with his family, immigrated to the United States and opened a small family business, restaurant and bakery.
  11. The Management Styles in the UK Restaurant Sector
    This study attempts to explicitly review the management styles in the UK restaurant sector and their impacts on the quality of organizational communication.
  12. Salt Restaurant’s Design and Landscaping
    The design of the Salt Restaurant was created with two major goals: to develop a welcoming image and make the design convenient in implementation and use.
  13. Social Media in Crisis Management of Restaurants
    Various firms are considering the use of social media to manage the crisis, especially if this involves rebuilding the image of the firm destroyed by negative publicity.
  14. Small Business: Restaurant Case Analysis
    This work focuses on the tertiary business sector by studying a small restaurant situation and providing them advice on best practices that can strengthen their positions.
  15. Snooze Restaurant’s Sous Chef Training
    The following Snooze Thesis represents the overall experience of training for sous chef position in the Snooze restaurant.
  16. Taco Bell Restaurant’s Target Market in Queensland
    The expansion of Taco Bell to Queensland, Australia is a viable solution to attract more customers. It is possible to choose students as the target audience.
  17. Operations Management and Production System: Case of Olive Garden Restaurant
    The presented paper is devoted to the discussion of operations management and production system using the case of Olive Garden restaurant
  18. Dunkin’ Donuts Restaurants’ Organizational Design
    In this scenario, the author has been assigned as a district manager for five new Dunkin’ Donuts locations that will open within the next two years.
  19. Pittsburgh Firm’s Support of Ted’s Hot Dog Restaurant
    Pittsburg wishes to carry out the business expansion, and they have targeted Ted’s Hot Dog Restaurant as one of the investments.
  20. Restaurant Management: A Career Perspective
    The job of a restaurant manage is one of the most varied careers in existence. It is the manager’s responsibility to offer service, food and drink to the public at a price they are willing to pay.
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