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Risk Management Consultants and Their Services

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Our team provides risk management services to the organizations which are responsible for holding international events. We are bidding for a project, initiated by the Las Vegas City Council, in particular, the visit of the Pope, Benedict XVI. We have already offered consultations to the companies, located in this city. They are as follows: Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel, MGM Resorts International, Henderson Executive Airport, and Boyd Gaming Corporation1. These institutions required risk management services, in connection with the visits of internationally-known people. If you contact them, they will confirm that our team offers the best ratio of price and quality.

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Overview of risk management services provided by the team

We are going to offer the following services to Las Vegas City Council:

  1. identification and evaluation of potential threats and risks that may potentially disrupt the Pope’s visit to Las Vegas;
  2. the development of the strategies, which can minimize these threats;
  3. a contingency plan that would specify the steps to be taken in case of emergency.

It should be noted that those people, who protect prominent political or religious leaders should not focus only on assassination threats, as there are other dangers, which need to be avoided, for example, the increased attention of paparazzi, traffic jams, assaults of religious fanatics, sudden health problems of the client and many other perils (Schneider, 2009). One should take into account that the allocation of police officers has to be based on the thorough analysis of the route, taken by the client. Our team of consultants will carefully examine the route, taken by the Pope and this will enable us to identify those sites, where he will be most vulnerable or exposed to an external threat (Sciacca, 2006, p 34).

Additionally, our team will focus on the so-called principle profiling. The essence of this method lies in the collection and analysis of the information, directly related to the client. Namely, one has to study personal qualities, lifestyle, health problems, etc (Schneider, 2009, p 36). This information is necessary for risk management consultants, as it helps to avoid any potential problems such as allergic reactions to certain types of food, stresses, heart attacks, and so forth. We guarantee that these data will remain strictly confidential, yet, without this profiling, it is hardly possible to do an effective risk assessment.

The benefits of the proposed risk management services

We need to point out that our services can be beneficial to the entire community. The thing is that during such international visits, the city government mobilizes practically every member of the police force. As a result, people, living in the city, become over-exposed to violent crime, especially armed robberies. One should remember that a large number of security personnel does not actually guarantee the complete security of the client.

As a matter of fact, it often leads to confusion and a lack of coordination. With the help of our risk assessment team, Las Vegas City Council will be able to reduce the number of police officers, needed for this task, by about 25 percent. Therefore, we can say that our risk assessment services will help the government to ensure the complete safety of the Pope at no expense to the well-being of the community.


Schneider G. (2009). Beyond the Bodyguard: Proven Tactics and Dynamic Strategies for Protective Practices Success. NY: Universal-Publishers.

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Sciacca F. 2006. Bodyguard Principles. New Jersey: Infinity Publishing.


The contact information.

Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel – 128 E. Fremont Street, Phone: 702-382-1600.

MGM Resorts International – 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South; Phone: 702-693-7111.

Henderson Executive Airport – 3500 Executive Terminal Drive; Phone: 702-261-4800.

Boyd Gaming Corporation – 3883 Howard Hughes Parkway; Phone: 702.792.7200.

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