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Role of Changes in Our Life

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Change is a continuous occurrence in the life of individuals. Our views, bodies, environments, and feelings are subjects of continuous change. In as much as people take some time to adjust, change introduces challenges that may be minor or major. Fundamentally, people are usually reluctant to changes. Therefore, the changes that occur receive some scale of reaction because individuals try to avoid the eventualities that come with them. Conversely, because people do not have the power to circumvent changes and their eventualities, they have learned to adjust whenever they come across the changes. This essay assesses the effects of changes in my route to school, relates them to perceptions of nurses towards changes initiated by administrators, and examines a major change that occurred in my life.

Notably, a change of my route to school brings about a number of positive and negative effects. Some of the positive effects that change initiates include the new experiences and creativity. When I change the route that I use to travel to school, the new route gives me the chance to interact with new friends, new sights, and, in the process, gives me the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. Another positive effect that the new route brings about is enhanced creativity. By changing the route, I will become more creative so that the new route does not affect my timetable and datelines. Lozano (2013) asserts that changes force individuals to think critically.

Therefore, the aforementioned change compels me to devise new strategies so that I harmonize the new experiences brought about by the route with my timetable in school. On the other hand, the negative effects occasioned by the change comprise delays introduced by adjustment. In the process of adjusting to the new route, I may experiences delays and fail to meet my initiatives on time. Due to the adjustments that occasion with a change of route, I will not change it during the day of my final examinations.

In medical facilities, staff nurses go through some scale of stress whenever their administrators advance changes before them. Just like the feelings that emanate from my change of route, nurses react to a change that their administrators introduce. Irrespective of how minor a change appears before the administrator, nurses will still encounter challenges as they try to adjust to the new changes. AbuAlRub and Al-Asmar (2014) explain that the feelings of belittlement associated with the changes take place because administrators introduce some changes without involving the nurses. Remarkably, as much as the changes may appear minor before the administrators, they affect the roles, schedules, and timetables of the nurses.

All through my lifetime, I have experienced several major and minor changes. One of the changes that I consider major was the one introduced by the birth of my young brother. Apparently, when my brother was born, my family had to make several adjustments. The changes were instituted so that the newborn would have a good time with the family members. Additionally, the demands of the newborn compelled us to adjust our timetable in order to meet them. Personally, I had to arrive early from school so that I would help my parents with their daily chores in the quest to have time with the baby.

Moreover, I had to forego the time that I used with my peers because the demands of the newborn took much of my leisure time. In as much as the changes appeared negative initially, I eventually appreciated the time that I spent with my brother. Remarkably, Lewin’s Model, which states that people go through the freezing, change, and unfreezing stages when they encounter new things played an important role in enabling me achieve a comfortable outcome. While, the freezing stage of Lewin’s Model helped me to prepare for the change, the unfreezing stage made it possible for me to settle and adjust after the birth of my brother. Notably, my reaction would have been different if I had more information because the information would have helped me handle the situation in an informed manner.


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