Role of Groups and Teams in Organization

Groups and Teams

Teamwork is a critical approach to the success of any project or business organization. Teams and groups are encouraged in an organization because they make it easier to realize the targeted goals and objectives (Rickards & Moger, 2000). I am presently working in a small company. The company produces different products such as paintings, artworks, and decorations. Most of these products are marketed to different customers across the country.

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There are different teams and groups at the company. The managers encourage the concept of “teamwork” to realize the organization’s vision. Every person in a team should work hard to provide the best support to the targeted customers. The team provides immediate solutions to the challenges and problems affecting the customers. The managers ensure all the team members work together to improve the organization’s performance. This approach ensures the customers get the best services and materials promptly. Every “leader” should coordinate all the projects in his or her team.

My team has been successful because all the members are aware of the company’s vision and mission. The “team leader” encourages every person to be involved in the activities of the team. Every employee in the team focuses on the needs and expectations of the customers. As well, every team in the organization should play a critical role in its success (Rickards & Moger, 2000).

According to Rickards and Moger (2000, p. 281), “every team or group goes through various stages of growth”. These stages are critical because they help the group “to grow, tackle problems, come up with solutions, and achieve the targeted solutions” (Rickards & Moger, 2000, p. 276). The Tuckman model offers four unique phases of development and growth. These phases include “forming, storming, “norming”, and performing” (Rickards & Moger, 2000, p. 276).

These four stages are critical to the success and performance of every team. My team is currently in the “norming” phase. This phase explains why the team will emerge successful in the coming years.

Currently, my team has formulated a “mutual plan” to provide the best products and services to targeted customers (Rickards & Moger, 2000). The leaders encourage every employee not to focus on his or her personal views. Every “team member” should agree with others to make the best decisions. This approach ensures the team “functions” properly. At the same time, the leader of our team encourages us to focus on the targeted goals. The managers in the organization encourage every team to take “full responsibility” for its goals and activities. By so doing, my team has continued to provide the best services to the targeted customers and stakeholders.

My team is currently in its “development stage”. At this stage, it is appropriate for every team member to work hard to achieve targeted expectations and goals. We are also optimistic that the team will reach the fourth phase. This phase is critical because “it ensures a team realizes its goals without any hindrances or challenges” (Rickards & Moger, 2000, p. 279). During this critical stage, every “team member” should be responsible to make “supervision” unnecessary. It is appropriate for every member to “participate” in the team’s activities. This discussion explains why every manager should create new teams for his or her business profitable.

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