Difference Between Team and the Group

The chapter “Team and the group” are based on how does a team works and to differentiate a team from a group of people. It is very often that people consider teams and groups as one thing whereas there are many differences through which they are called by different words. In business-oriented organizations, there are groups of people who are called teams which is just because they work together on a project. The word team used to be only used for sports in which different group of people comes together as a team to play against another but now it is being used in almost every single organization.

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This chapter tells us through research that the group of people has more control over the other group members which keeps them dedicated to working whereas a team is more task-oriented than any other working group. It also tells us that a group coming together is a very important part in team working, formal and casual type of communications is very necessary to bring a group of people together because until and unless people do not know each other well then how can they work with each other comfortably. Whether it’s a group or a team both kinds have to establish a certain kind of thinking which makes a person understand things, not just the way one wants to but to understand as the other members of the group or team will also understand it. If this is not established then it is very likely to see misunderstandings between both kinds and it becomes very difficult to achieve their goals.

This chapter tells us various types of aspects of role approach; researchers have stopped looking at the group of people instead they are more inclined towards team roles which they consider to be more task-oriented. According to researchers, it is very likely that people will stop looking at the characteristics of people’s behavior and start dividing them into ‘types’ as mentioned above. It also tells us about the three different categories which include the skills of a team. The first group takes care of all the technical and functional work of a team, the second group is to resolve different kinds of issues between a team, and the third group is related to help the team members in communicating with the other members of the team. All of these three groups are very necessary for a team because they help in resolving any type of problems which might occur in a team.

In the end, the chapter also states that unbending rules of organizations can become a barrier in the success of a team therefore organizations and other groups. Through this chapter, a person can very easily understand that what is the difference between a team and a group. A team is a set of people who are dedicated to achieving one mutual goal; they work together as a whole and try to achieve whatever they are after. Team members must co-operate with each other do not interfere with other people’s work whereas the members of a group can be changed, there are a lot of similarities between a team and group yet they are so different.

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