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Roy’s Adaptation Model for Family Nurse Practitioner

In an attempt to enhance research and practice in the field of nursing, a number of theories have been put forth to help advance the skills and experience of practitioners in this field. One of the most prominent grand theories in nursing is Roy’s Adaptation Model. Roy has been updating this model and it is currently one of the most commonly used theories of nursing on various fronts. In this model, the main assumptions are classified as either scientific or philosophical assumptions (Parker & Smith, 2010). Some of the scientific assumptions of this theory are as follows:

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  • Self-awareness and environment understanding is deeply rooted in feeling and thinking.
  • Human actions are always mediated by feelings and thinking.
  • Transformation of a person or environment is always created in the consciousness of self.
  • Adaptation always occurs because of the integration of persons and the environment.

The above are some of the core scientific assumptions underpinning this theory. Some of the philosophical assumptions underpinning this theory are as follows.

  • A person has a mutual relationship with God and the world.
  • The meaning of human is based on the omega point union of the universe.
  • God is considered as the creations’ destiny and He is revealed in the world’s diversity.

The above assumptions have guided the use of this theory in the contemporary world. The application of this theory in nursing has been very common, especially in the areas of nursing practice, education, and research. In nursing practice, this theory helps nurses understand their patients’ way of thinking, and especially when dealing with the culturally diversified group. In research, this theory has been of help in defining areas where researchers need to focus on in order to help advance this field. In education, this theory helps learners understand how nursing practice involves carrying of varied group of persons and the importance of embracing ethics in this field.

In nursing, one area that has raised many controversies is on cultural diversity in the society. According to Roy (2008), nurses have found it difficult caring for people of completely different cultural and religious backgrounds from what they believe. For instance, Christian nurses have found it very challenging to offer the much-needed care to the Muslim believers because of their belief and practices. One such practice is the fact that a Muslim must use a bowl to wash their private parts immediately after a short call. If a patient is not able to do this by himself, it will force the caregiver to do this in line with the religious beliefs of the patient. A Christian would not be comfortable doing this to his or her patient. This theory comes in to help in such scenarios. Based on the philosophical foundations of this theory, administrators within a hospital will understand the fact that a person’s religious beliefs will always make him or her reason differently to different environmental stimuli.

To make nursing care an effective and enjoyable process, it is important align patients with nurses who share the same faith with them. This theory is effective in this area because it will help both the patient and the caregiver more comfortable with each other. This enhances effectiveness of providing healthcare. This theory can be used in other areas of nursing practice. For instance, this theory can be used to motivate nurses to deliver quality service to their patient even in cases where they feel there is a difference in cultural beliefs. To researchers, this theory helps in identifying ways through which cultural diversity can be dealt with in healthcare facilities.


Parker, M. E., & Smith, M. C. (2010). Nursing theories and nursing practice. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Co.

Roy, C. (2008). The Roy adaptation model. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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