Ruby Lake Resort’s Staff Training Program Outcomes


This paper dwells upon the importance of program evaluation with a focus on a specific program that is aimed at training workers in Ruby Lake. In this paper, specific strategies that can help evaluate the program effectively are outlined. These strategies focus on the accessibility of the program, its outcomes, and workers’ attitude towards the program and their employment.

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Evaluation of a program is a pivotal stage in the process of its implementation. It is essential to understand whether the program is effective or not and reveal its strengths and weaknesses (Hardina, 2013). While developing evaluation strategies it is necessary to focus on such aspects as desired outcomes of the program, participants and their attitude towards the program, and their progress. The present program aims at training workers to be able to operate advanced technologies in manufacturing. This implies specific strategies to be employed.

Strategies to Utilize

To participate in the program, workers do not need special knowledge or skills. Hence, all workers can take part in the program. However, it is crucial to make sure people understand the benefits of their participation. One-stop managers explain some benefits of participation in the program, but it could be more efficient to support this explanation with real-life stories and statistics. Admittedly, the field is quite new but there are still data on similar programs.

The program should also be accessible as researchers stress that accessibility is one of the key components of any effective program (Rossi, Lipsey & Freeman, 2004). Thus, participants of the program have to be able to access training sessions as well as all of the necessary events and activities (proper scheduling is crucial). Additional transportation expenses can be paid off as it will make participants more motivated.

Admittedly, it is pivotal to make sure all stages of the program are implemented according to the plan (Rossi, Lipsey & Freeman, 2004). One-stop managers have to follow the plan and ensure all stages are held by the schedule. Any deviations have to be analyzed in detail as any of them can affect the program’s outcomes.

Furthermore, it is important to make sure that the outcomes of the program are identified (Rossi, Lipsey & Freeman, 2004). Therefore, one-stop managers have to outline a set of specific outcomes. For instance, these outcomes can be as follows: a worker can operate particular equipment; a worker can implement particular tasks, and so on. This part of the evaluation will reveal the actual strengths or weaknesses of the program.

It is noteworthy that workers’ attitudes towards their employment (and its change) should also be evaluated. It is important to know whether workers are motivated enough to take part in the program and whether they are still motivated when the program has ended. Participants of the program should report on their progress and thinks they do not like or do not regard it as important or helpful.

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To sum up, it is necessary to note that program evaluation should focus on such aspects as the program outcomes, its accessibility, and the way it is seen by workers as well as its impact on workers’ attitude towards their employees. In this way, it will be possible to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the program and develop certain steps to improve it and make it more efficient.

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