Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s Training and Development Plan


The paper provides a discussion of the training method selected for the development plan to be implemented in Tenet Healthcare Corporation. Reasons to choose e-learning are provided and discussed in the context of the determined goal and learning objectives. The audience and fundamentals of the cross-cultural training are discussed with references to the training principles and content. The paper also provides an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages associated with e-learning used for training diverse employees.

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Global Training and Development Plan

The global training for Tenet Healthcare Corporation should be proposed to improve the employees’ knowledge regarding intercultural communication and cooperation, contribute to the productive interaction between diverse employees, and overcome barriers associated with the possible cultural or linguistic misunderstanding. The diverse employee training should be based on the method that is effective in different cultural environments. Although a variety of training methods can be proposed for Tenet Healthcare Corporation, e-learning is selected as the best approach to address the set goal and objectives with the focus on meeting the audience’s needs, incorporating training fundamentals, and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the method.

Choose a Training Method to Address the Overall Goal and Learning Objectives Identified in the Design Section of the Plan. Describe the Overall Concept of the Training, How It Addresses the Goal and Learning Objectives, Audience of Focus and How the Fundamentals of Global and Cross-Cultural Training Will Be Incorporated into Development and Delivery

E-learning is selected as the main training method for developing intercultural competencies in Tenet employees from the United Kingdom and the United States. This method is the preferred one while working with employees located in different facilities, regions, or countries (Nathan, 2008). The goal of global training for Tenet is to develop the cross-cultural competence of expatriate managers and promote effective cooperation with diverse workers. Therefore, the concept of the training is based on the necessity to provide the simultaneous training for expatriate managers, supervisors, and team leaders as the audience of focus in the United Kingdom and the United States while involving trainers and experts from two countries.

During online training sessions and while completing interactive tasks, employees can exchange their experiences. According to Mysirlaki and Paraskeva (2010), expatriate managers need to learn how to “collaborate with diverse teams of people – face-to-face or at a distance – to accomplish a task” (p. 21). In this context, e-learning is the most appropriate variant because such training is supported by the use of computers, laptops, online conferences, interactive tasks, online sessions, and online games. Employees can receive on-job training without interrupting their work in facilities. The content of training sessions is expected to include

  1. presentations to inform about differences in cultures;
  2. online games to develop communication and negotiation skills;
  3. online conferences to enhance decision-making and problem-solving skills;
  4. interactive activities and simulations to develop the teamwork and critical thinking.

Demonstrate Research Support for the Usage of the Chosen Method in This Context. Evaluate the Advantages and Disadvantages (or Barriers) of Using This Method for This Training

Advantages of using e-learning for training adults from diverse cultural backgrounds are in the possibilities to do training as flexible and innovative as possible and utilize advantages of traditional learning while referring to personal contacts with trainers. E-learning can make employees motivated and encouraged to participate in training (Batalla-Busquets & Pacheco-Bernal, 2013). For Tenet, another advantage is low costs because of savings associated with trainers’ business trips.

One more advantage connected with the possibility to address managers and team leaders in different countries is the provision of the online assessment to check the completion of objectives (Nathan, 2008). Possible barriers include the resistance of learners caused by the lack of skills in using computers and perceptions of games and simulations as a ‘non-serious’ approach (White & Shullman, 2012). These barriers can be overcome with the help of discussing principles of e-learning before training sessions can start.


Different training methods can be proposed for Tenet, but e-learning can be selected as the most appropriate variant. In this paper, the e-learning method is discussed in the context of addressing the goal and objectives set for the global training and development plan in the company. It is stated that online sessions and interactive activities are effective in addressing the needs of expatriate managers and team leaders as learners. The analysis of the e-learning approach demonstrates that it has many advantages, and possible barriers can be overcome through the effective organization of sessions.

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