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Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Report

It seems reasonable to state that the Metro New Orleans area is quite significant for the restaurant industry. Hence, a comprehensive SWOT report on a notable actor in this area is a relevant action to undertake, and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse might be the one. There are two Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurants in the Metro New Orleans area. On these two, a complex comparison through the perspective of SWOT will be conducted, as well as the biggest challenge for each identified.

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SWOT analysis might be defined as a tool that allows determining four crucial dimensions for the assessment of a firm’s, corporation’s, or any other business actor’s state of affairs. These four dimensions are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The former two mostly refer to a company’s current peculiarities, while the latter ones are about future directions and implications. For the critical comparison of two Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurants in the Metro New Orleans area, this briefly presented tool might be considered appropriate.

The actual location of the first restaurant is 3633 Veterans Blvd, Metairie, LA 70002. The second one has the following address – 525 Fulton St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (Google Maps). It might be suggested that both locations imply a number of specific factors of an external character that affect the restaurants’ performance. In order to gain maximum from the surrounding business environment, they are to take into account plenty of nuances. At this point, it seems rational to turn to the SWOT analyses of the mentioned restaurants.

The Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurant’s – at 3633 Veterans Blvd – strengths are as follows. First, given the fact that the area has many restaurants and cafes, it is located in a relatively peaceful place in the framework of rivalry. The closest one is Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar that has a lower rating than the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurant (Google Maps). Then, the premises have a good design of a comfortable house, which results in a potential customer’s associations with convenience and cozy atmosphere (which is confirmed by clients’ feedback). There is also a considerable extent of space around the restaurant – this contributes to the fact that people are provided with the opportunity to easily distinguish it. Finally, there are a bus stop near the Steakhouse and a parking area that belongs to this restaurant. Hence, there is no issue regarding the way a customer gets to the Steakhouse.

However, there are also several weaknesses of the restaurant being discussed. The fact that the location is not saturated with rivals implies that there is a relatively non-intensive customers’ flow in the area. It might be rational to claim that the Steakhouse is designed mostly like a roadside establishment – it means that the founders took into account the unstable clients’ flow that is of this location’s characteristic. Then, it seems that the restaurant does not have a summer platform.

The Steakhouse has a number of opportunities; the first one might be to advance its parking area. Given the significant reputation of the restaurant, an automatized parking system may confirm such status and result in increased clients’ satisfaction. Second, the Steakhouse may create a summer platform, which will contribute to a pleasant view and the possibility to diversify the restaurant’s offers – in the summertime, customers would be able to enjoy the sunny days.

The primary threat that seems to be among the crucial ones is that New Orleans is below sea level, which makes it defenseless against easy flooding. Then, the area also suffers from hurricanes (Reimann) – approximately at the beginning of summer, plenty of locals are cautious about the upcoming hurricane season. Hence, in addition to the relatively unstable customer flow due to the roadside location, seasonality affects this flow as well. Finally, there is also a possibility of new entrants in the area, given the mentioned unsaturated rivalry.

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Now, a SWOT analysis of the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurant located at 525 Fulton St will be provided. Its strengths are as follows; first, the Steakhouse has quite a notable summer platform, which lures the attention of passing-byes. It is located in a narrow street, and potential customers cannot help but notice that there is a restaurant near. An unrushed walk in New Orleans’ street is greatly accompanied by a nourishing and delicious meal, which the Steakhouse offers. Then, it is located in the same building as Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel, a four-star establishment, which is also a possibility to get a new client.

An apparent weakness is that the restaurant is located at a place that is saturated with rivals. Among them are Grand Isle, Manning’s, and the Steakhouse (Google Maps). The latter is even in the same building as the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurant, which implies intense competition. Then, despite the fact that the summer platform is cozy and good-looking, it might be claimed that the chairs and tables there could have been more attractive. Thus, the close location to the rivals and the unadvanced summer platform are the weaknesses of the restaurant.

The opportunity that the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurant may seize is that it has the necessary resources to invest in the summer platform. The latter is the façade of the restaurant, the primary factor that can grab one’s attention. What is more, the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurant may cooperate with Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel and provide its clients with a number of special offers, and vice versa.

It should be admitted that this restaurant shares the threat of the customers’ flow seasonality, given New Orleans’ predisposition to hurricanes (Reimann). Then, it seems that the rivals that surround the establishment are able to enhance their strategy and become more dangerous in this regard and lure more clients. The critical point here is that the Steakhouse – that is located in the same building as the Ruth’s Restaurant – may start adhering to such a policy.

To summarize, the conducted SWOT analyses allow assuming that both Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Restaurants in the Metro New Orleans area have significant strengths within the scope of their location. However, the one located at 3633 Veterans Blvd has more visible advantages. The discussed restaurants share the threat of the customers’ seasonality, which is justified by the area’s peculiarities. Nevertheless, keeping in mind the above rationale, it seems reasonable to argue that the primary challenge of the restaurant at 3633 Veterans Blvd is the relatively insignificant clients’ flow, given its roadside location. Then, the crucial challenge for the restaurant at 525 Fulton St is the intense competition in which it is put – especially through the lens of the fact that its closest rival is located at the same building.

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