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McDonald Corporation: Operations Management and Productivity


Operations management is a key aspect in an organization and centers on planning and control of an organization whether a product or service through study of concepts from several engineering angles such as design, industrial and management which comprises information systems, production and accounting. Customers of different companies order various types and varieties of goods that should be provided in a qualitative way according to the accepted standards.

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Operations management is closely linked with the strategy of an organization. In all the restaurants under McDonald Corporation around the world, there are a number of operations that are related to the overall organizational strategy (Erica, 2008). In this paper, operation’s processes in McDonald Corporation are going to be discussed.

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Planning of products and services provided by an organization is one of the most significant operation of any given organization. This involves design of products and services taking into account both quality and economy. Will the client find the service or product attractive? Is it easily understood and easy to use? Is the customer delighted by the products flavor or performance? These are some of the questions one needs to take into account in planning of products and services in an organization (Earley, 2004).

Product planning is a key operation in the McDonald’s restaurants. There are several factors that determine the change of preference and needs which include health issues and change of seasons. “Healthier foods are added to the menu as a result of increased customer preference to healthy foods. New products are also added for different seasons” (Gondal, 2007).

Capacity planning is another operation important in an organization. It determines how operations can respond to variations in demand. In McDonald’s restaurant, the management has to set its capacity of making food products in a manner that it is able to have a quick response to demands of those food products in peak hours a time when most sale is done for such a fast food restaurant (Atkinson, 2005). Capacity planning ensures that there is enough stock of all constituent needed to make food products when needed.

Location planning is also one of vital operations that every business undertakes and is fundamentally one of the important success items for a business. The successful development of the business greatly depends on the location. A lot of factors such as possibilities to get these or that resources, transport system, etc. may greatly affect the location of the business. McDonald’s restaurants have strategically picked their locations in most cities in a manner that allows it to have many clients seeking food to visit them. “Their preferred location makes sure it has a large customer base, good transport and ample parking space available to customers and availability of ample delivery space for its raw materials” (Jain, 2010).

Quality management is also an important aspect in an organization. It involves maintenance of quality of products and services in order to meet the minimum requisites set out by a governing body responsible for quality (Jain, 2010). In the McDonald’s restaurants, quality management is vital because of two major reasons, one being the legal requirements of the quality of food products served and secondly to uphold the good reputation held by McDonald’s restaurants over the years it has been in service (Jain, 2010).

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In conclusion, operations management is very essential for any organization as it has a relation to the overall organizational strategy.


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