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Ryanair and Monsanto: Case Study

Ryanair and Monsanto are two companies that face the issues of motivation and decrease in sales. A research on the issue of these two companies is given below.

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Ryanair Airlines

Cultural Synergy Strategies used by Ryanair

Ryanair is a frill airline company of Europe. At the initial stage Ryanair had a success. This was because they got a lot of passengers mainly in the route between London and Dublin. Also the employees had a positive attitude towards the company. Later Ryanair expanded itself by increasing the number of flights and routes. It adopted a strategy that was driven by the service of the customers. Corporate culture of Ryanair had a significant influence on its success. In the last year Ryanair had the maximum number of new aircraft delivery. It is expected to have the maximum delivery in the next year also. The major business of Ryanair takes place in the European countries.

One of the main problems in this company was the problem of motivation. Low wages, methods of staffing etc have a great effect on the motivation of staffs in Ryanair. The employees have to pay for their food, training, uniforms etc. Employees are made to work very hard without any break which makes them tired. This leads to poor customer service and adversely affects the number of customers. It has been found out that there is a high turnover of staff in Ryanair. The high turnover affects the reputation of the company. This high turnover is mainly due to the cruel rule in the company.Lack of proper training also causes de-motivation in Ryanair. Low amount of salary is also a problem in Ryanair. The staffs do not get proper pay for their hard work. Ryanair also has cheap tickets for their flights than other frill airline companies. All these factors have led to the de-motivation of Ryanair.

Methods for managing conflict in Ryanair

The company realized the importance of motivation and has taken remedial measures to solve all the issues related to it. Motivation is very essential for the staffs in a company because it encourages the staff to do work and thus helps in the development of the company. The behavior of the staffs in a company is determined by motivation, to some extent. Motivation and morale are related to each other. The staffs with high morale will be more dedicated and devoted to their jobs. Low morale can cause increase in turnover “Motivation is the essential tool to help reduce high turnover as this assignment has shown if it was for Ryanair’s employees the main reason for the high turnover is the fact that they are not motivated enough and do not have a high morale” (Human resource management (Ryanair’s motivation problems), 2009, para.22). The HR manager analyzed the problems of the staffs and took corrective actions to their problems. The company gave the salary which the employees deserve and reduced the burden of overwork. The recruitment of staff is done in the right way and training is given free of cost. The company also provided various incentive and free accommodation, dress and food.

Meeting the challenge

Ryanair took some measures to meet its challenges. The training and recording activities of the company was done by top class. It helped Ryanair to improve their works. Ryanair became the first airline company which adopted e-learning as training method.all the records of training is managed by the top class. All the training system was made online which helped all the instructors to access the system from anywhere. Ryanair focused on the generation and reduction of money. It stopped the routes that are of no gain. The pay of the labours was made on the basis of productivity. Their goal was to become an airline company of low cost and price.

The outcome was the employees felt that they were getting the value for their hard work, they worked sincerely and effectively which helped the progress of the Company. Training helped the employees to increase their performance.

Monsanto agricultural corporation

Cultural Synergy Strategies used by Monsanto agricultural corporation

Monsanto is the world’s biggest agricultural corporation which has many branches in different parts of the world. This company provides “top-quality, cost-effective and integrated approaches for improving farm productivity to produce better quality foods, strictly adhering to stringent standards for eco-care and safety” (Monsanto, 2007, para.2). It is this company which is providing maximum amount of seeds to the farmers and this company is the most important manufacturer of herbicides glyphosate.

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The issues faced by this company are explained in this paragraph. Even though there is high demand for the products of this company, there is decrease in sales of their products. As sales are the major source of income of a company, reduction in sales has badly affected the financial status of this company. “Monsanto said net sales decreased $952 million, or 36 percent, in the quarter, mainly because of decreased sales of its glyphosate-based herbicides, primarily in Brazil and Europe” (Gillam, 2010, para.4). When the other companies produced the same product that is, it caused decrease in sale of this product in this company. Even though decreased sale of glyphosate herbicide is the main reason for the reduction of sales of Monsanto Company, there are also few other reasons. The Monsanto Company has high demand for the corn seed in the market, but they couldn’t provide the required seeds due to decreased production of these seeds. This has affected to a great extent for the reduction of sales. The other reason is that when there is availability of these seeds at lower price in other companies, people demanded more from those companies which provide the seeds at lower rate. They also could not provide some of the seeds at right time to the customers, because this company delayed in yielding some of the crops. The quality of the seeds is also reduced as they did not harvest the crops at correct time. This resulted in dissatisfaction of customers in Monsanto’s service and product. Moreover, it caused shortage of their product in the market.

Meeting the Challenge

The problem related to glyphosate-based herbicides was solved by the production of other profitable seeds which has less competition in the market.

In order to expand their business they made an agreement with other small companies to produce their crops. The irregular weather condition negatively influenced the quality of soil which led to the destruction of their crops. In order to solve this problem, this company implemented a new crop which withstands any environmental change and there is no need of ploughing the earth for the growth of this crop. These developments and new techniques boost the Monsanto the aptitude to compete with other agricultural companies and they also received a standard position in the global market.

Cross-Cultural Differences and Similarities

Monsanto agricultural cooperation was devoted to help the poor farmers by introducing the sustainable functions to increase their agricultural production. This company also done a research in their business by visiting many rural villages and studied about the soil, weather condition in order to find best agricultural practice in dissimilar climate and soil. Thus they cultivated the crops in various countries which are most suitable to particular land.

Cultural Differences in Selected Countries and Regions

The successful operations of this company led to incorporate their business in India. The implementation of agricultural business in this rural country caused a hasty alteration and nowadays this country is the world’s primary manufacturer of agricultural products. They provided training to the farmers and also allotted the various seeds at lowest rates to progress their farming. The combined effort and new agricultural practices resulted in increased yields and also enhanced the life of the farmers. This success resulted in expansion of this agricultural business to the world wide such as in Brazil, Europe etc.

Thus, all the solutions which they adopted succeeded and the company started to redevelop. The quantity and quality of their product increased. When the quality of the product increased, the demand for the product in the market also increased. All these lead to the successful functioning of the organization in the business environment.

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Gillam, C. (2010). Monsanto posts loss as herbicide sales slide. Beyluxe. Web.

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