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KOLO: Reflective and Inquiry Project

The study under consideration aims at applying the reflective practice to a procurement management problem that KOLO, and the Australian-Polish joint venture is currently facing. The problem consists in changing the system of supply due to the rapid development of technologies which entailed a frequent use of Internet marketing and online purchases. The use of these technologies made it impossible for the company’s management to predict a decline or increase in sales and led to an oversupply of the products. Within the reflective practice, the study assumes that the combination of these technologies constitutes a main challenge for the retailers. The study is based on the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, as well as on the action research which prevails in the paper.

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Personal interviews which have been carried out to collect necessary data emphasize the significance of the problem which KOLO experiences. For instance, Mrs. Lisa Jenkins, the company’s operations manager, finds an ineffective system of communication the main reason for orders cancellation and late delivery of the products. This information is verisimilar and objective because Mrs. Jenkins works for the company which has been analyzed in the study. This is why reflective practice and inquiry methods that have been utilized for this research were vital. These methods have also shown that computers are used not widely enough by the businessmen and their use should necessarily be increased for they can improve the performance of the company.

One of the alternative solutions to the problem under consideration is based on the Kolb Cycle approach in reflective practice. The study posits that changing professional practice may prove to be beneficial for KOLO. It advises the company to start using such information technologies as sophisticated computers and telephones to make its geographical location unimportant and enhance the service which is offered by banks. This solution is based on the exchange of information between the company’s stock and the number of goods that the consumers usually order. The technologies will greatly facilitate this exchange of information and will improve the overall performance of the company.

This, however, should not be the only way to access the consumers. Added value services should be provided to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Changing the management of the virtual chain will also be beneficial for KOLO. This change will entail a restructuring of the R&D department and make it more virtual. This department is going to need new staff with fresh ideas and interest in modern technologies. Online ordering system such as CRM (customer relationships management) software is recommended to the company. This innovation will help the company manage and control its orders and sales, as well as access and manipulate the information regarding these activities several times.

The difficulties which have arisen during this study are connected with a considerably high development of KOLO at present. As a rule, changing the physical design of the products favors the development of the company, but in the case, of KOLO such a change would have been of marginal benefit only. The risks which the recommendations presented in this research entail concern the excessive use of technology; this is where the company’s management should be extremely careful. Finally, exploitation of the company’s product sphere still needs improvement; this may become a topic for future research.

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