Scholarly Activities Available for American Nurses


There is a wide range of scholarly activities available for nurses in the United States of America at the present moment. It is necessary to state that such engagements increase medical personnel’s competitiveness, competency in specific spheres of knowledge, and make them aware of certain problems that are important to resolve in the country. I have chosen to attend the 20th Global Nursing Education Conference that will be organized in the city of New York (March 21-23, 2018).

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The main topic of the conference will have the following title: “Current Challenges and Innovations in Nursing Education.” Professional doctors and nurses with tremendous experience in narrow education will present their speeches and deliver the main concerns that must be addressed in this field of medicine and health promotion. The target market for this activity includes all medical workers who are interested and want to contribute to the elimination of study issues among their colleagues and the implementation of innovative technologies in colleges and hospital settings (Bradshaw & Hultquist, 2017). I will benefit from this scholarly activity as I will be more competent in teaching younger nurses and will be able to recommend certain solutions to my colleagues who have difficulties with educating their students.


The following bullet points list is intended to identify the primary problems that the chosen scholarly activity (Nursing Education Conference) is designed to solve:

  • To explain how new technologies can be used in nursing education
  • To determine the essential issues in nursing education
  • To propose solutions to the aforementioned problems

The lack of innovative learning techniques and technologies is a problem for nursing students because new practices are used in hospital settings and the medical environment in general. Therefore, graduates must be taught all these methods before they go to work. It appears that some knowledge professed at colleges and universities is outdated. Therefore, the education program needs some improvements. Any nurse could achieve an understanding of what should be changed in classes and educational institutions at the present moment after participating in the scholarly activity chosen in the given paper.


The bullet points list below will determine several solutions that the nursing conference is expected to offer for the current educational environment. The last sentence will identify a sound solution to the problem mentioned in the previous paragraph.

  • Demonstration of new technologies in nursing to students (Button, Harrington, & Belan, 2014)
  • Removing outdated methods from the current educational program
  • Eliminating various uncertainties from materials used during classes
  • Educating students to use all the new technologies rationally and appropriately
  • Purchasing the latest electronic devices that will be used in hospitals and schools. The new equipment must influence and improve different healing methods.


The objectives and goals that will be met during the conference include the awareness of educators regarding their new professional practices and the advancement in innovative methods of nursing (O’Connor & Andrews, 2015).

Attending the discussed scholarly activity will help me grow as a nurse as it will teach me the methodologies and equipment that must be used in education processes to make students more prepared for their job than they were before. This will reduce the tremendous amount of time required for newcomers to adapt and gain enough experience to be independent nurses in hospitals after graduation.

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Program Competencies Addressed

The following list will enumerate some program competencies addressed by the nursing education conference:

  • Skills in nursing education and the use of new technologies
  • A better understanding of the nursing environment
  • A faster adaptation of students to their working conditions
  • The understanding of necessary improvements in professional schools.


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O’Connor, S., & Andrews, T. (2015). Mobile technology and its use in clinical nursing education: A literature review. Journal of Nursing Education, 54(3), 137-144. Web.

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