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F. Nightingale’s Philosophy and Millennium Goals

Nightingale’s Influence on the Perception of MDGs

Florence Nightingale’s legacy had a tremendous influence on my perception of all the Millennium Development Goals that have to be reached today. Her opinion is important to me not only because she was a notable person in the sphere of medicine, but also because she determined what environmental aspects must be followed for people to remain healthy. Florence Nightingale said that such important elements of life on Earth as clean water, fresh air, nutritious and healthy food, and appropriate housing are necessary for any individual (Beck, Dossey, & Rushton, 2013).

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Also, she stressed that such essential factors as the absence of poverty, access to education, permanent family relationships, and a stable job help people become happy. Although all the things listed above are present in the lives of the majority of developed countries’ citizens, there are many other people on the planet who live in slums and do not have anything to drink or eat on a daily basis. To help these individuals, it is necessary to follow and contribute to the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals). Moreover, Florence Nightingale was participating in several wars as a nurse or served as a consultant to local medical workers (Beck et al., 2013). Therefore, her knowledge is based on professional experience and the scholar’s personal concerns about the lives of individuals who live in the poorest regions of the entire world.

Contribution to Millennium Goals

I have chosen three (out of seven) Millennium Goals that I can advance in my role as a nurse. All of them will be listed and explained below:

  1. Ensure environmental sustainability. The main purpose of this goal is to integrate all the elements identified by Florence Nightingale that are essential for the maintenance of sustainable development in the territory of any Commonwealth (Fukuda-Parr, 2016). I will contribute to the accomplishment of this goal by preserving my environment clean and unpolluted, which means that I will always recycle and utilize products that I use and will keep my home and working place as clean as possible to please other individuals who surround me on a regular basis.
  2. Promote gender equality and empower women. To reduce the factor of gender discrimination in my society, I will treat all of my patients, colleagues, superiors, and future students with the same methods and attitudes. It is necessary to respect and serve people, regardless of their gender.
  3. Reduce child mortality. I will pay extra attention to my future patients under the age of five. I will read all the necessary literature to understand what specific techniques must be used when healing children.

Examples of Advancing the UN Goals

My colleagues and other people from my nursing community can collectively advance the UN Goals in our environment by doing their work consciously and providing high-quality services to all the patients that seek help. It is necessary for medical personnel to understand that their participation in the process of environmental improvement is important (Fukuda-Parr, 2016). Therefore, they have to engage some daily practices that will be useful for the society. My colleagues will reconsider their attitudes towards gender inequality and will be more attentive to children in the hospital. Unfortunately, nurses cannot do anything global due to the lack of financial means and other resources. Nevertheless, they can develop their skills and become examples for their younger colleagues.


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