Seeing Canadian Commercials on American Channels

With the upcoming annual Super Bowl championship, there is a growing rush surrounding the event. Besides crucial significance for the National Football League, national teams, and fans all over the world, the Super Bowl has serious financial implications. Having already hosted 53 championships, the Super Bowl now has invaluable connections in terms of the event stakeholders and investors. It especially concerns the commercials shown throughout the games, as each company wants to advertise their goods during the most important football event in the world.

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In all the previous years, the live games were broadcast to the US and Canada with American commercials only. However, in December of 2019, there was made a crucial decision for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). According to the Supreme Court’s decision, Canadian companies who have the right to broadcast advertisements, from now on, are legally allowed to choose whether they want to broadcast American or Canadian commercials. With the help of simultaneous substitution, which is able to replace the TV signals temporarily, CRTC has decided to air Canadian commercials during the Super Bowl. (“Seeing Canadian commercials on American channels,” 2020). By doing so, the Canadian TV industry helps gain a competitive advantage but puts at stake the quality of the championship broadcasting.

During the simultaneous substitution, some issues with the broadcast quality may appear, and the audience may struggle with delays or miss some parts of the game. However, CRTC is now trying to take all the possible measures in order to keep the viewers satisfied with the experience. Speaking of the current situation, both Canadian companies and CRTC are sure that such modifications will lead to a competitive advantage of the Canadian market and currency. However, if Canadian viewers would still prefer American advertisements, the live version without simultaneous substitution will be available online.


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