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Servant Leadership Overview

Leadership styles that are of a more traditional nature often provide guidance, directions, and motivation to their followers but focus only on the position of their business, organization, or company on the market. Servant leaders’ main priority is their obligation toward their employees and the ability to provide them with service (Tait, 2020). As such, their focus is solely on the people working under them and not the company as a whole. Therefore, they often maintain and ensure that their employees have steady and ongoing growth in their professional skills, autonomy, knowledge, health, and many other areas. It is hypothesized that by prioritizing the employees, servant leaders are able to produce more highly-skilled, motivated, and talented workers.

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The benefits of this system are seen through empowered staff and innovative new solutions or methods that they may begin to use. Employees are allowed to feel more engaged and purpose-driven when the focus is on their well-being and ability to improve. The result of the combined guidance and improved performance can lead to the organization’s increase in retention and lower turnover costs. Additionally, well-trained and knowledgeable staff may become future servant leaders themselves, promising a long-term strategy for the company’s progress (Tarallo, 2018). The origin of these benefits often starts with the servant leader and their qualities, such as stewardship and unselfishness. The workplace culture should be hospitable for an individual with such leadership skills, and the servant leader should be able to maintain the behaviors they promote on a daily basis. One of the most vital qualities of servant leaders is their ability to cultivate trust within the workforce. This trust encourages the employees to understand whether the company and leader are worth serving and how they will benefit in a way that is appropriate.

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