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Servant of Leadership: A Case

It is evident that coworkers overreacted to the holiday card by reporting Yorick to the HR department. It is important to understand that the given individual is a foreigner with a different set of values, which means that he might not be fully familiar with the strict societal awareness regarding one’s race. I would not have reported Yorick to anyone, but instead, try to inform him first, then warn him that such reckless actions can have consequences. The head of HR did the right thing because he or she could have simply fired him for non-adherence to corporate norms. However, he also could have given a detailed explanation for these actions by letting Yorick know that the training session is not a punishment. It needs to be viewed as a part of professional improvement and development, and should not discourage him in the future.

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It is clear that the primary lesson of the given case is the fact that not all people are fully aware of racism and its manifestations in the culture. It is especially true for foreigners who are not mindful of the recency of slavery and its impact on American history. The drastic measures would be appropriate for an individual who was born and raised in the US. It is evident that the HR person’s actions are dictated by a multitude of factors. I would act in the servant leadership manner because the latter implies that a leader aids his or her followers (Spears & Lawrence, 2016). The main reason is that everyone should be given a chance because one might not be fully aware of the consequences and context. It is especially relevant regarding Yorick, who is a highly prospective employee with outstanding potential.


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