Sexual Education’s Lack

According to our class readings for the topic “Sex and Moral Values” in our class book “21st Century Ethical Toolbox” the act of sex or making love does not always have to come from a physical standpoint. It may also come in the form of intellectual stimulation of one another, or even, a type of spiritual awakening.

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However, we are hindered as human beings from fully understanding the various types of sexual choices available to us due to the prudish stand of some religions and the curtailing of sexual freedom by our government. All of their positions on sexual choices seem valid and morally correct until you come to analyze these views and discover that these are all uninformed or misinformed decisions that they are forcing upon the public.

One might notice though that none of them advocate going out there and learning more about the act of sex and how to achieve satisfaction for one to be able to say that they have a clear idea of sexual choices and how to use it to achieve the pinnacle of sexual desire.

Let’s look at the reality of the matter. Even with all the technological and social advancements we have had in the 21st century, we all still live in a sexually repressed society. We may have sex education in our schools, but the topics being discussed do not reflect anything that will help the students to make the correct sexual choices later on in their lives.

Instead, the cautionary tales and information being disseminated produce a more confused and sexually experimental generation each time. Sex education needs to not only share knowledge but encourage the development of the skill about use in daily life. Not everything about sex is physical, and that is something that sex education sorely misses.

That sexual satisfaction can be achieved by a physical and spiritual level. Such is the sexual belief that father Kieth Clark tries to explain in his book ” Being Sexual… and Celibate”. To quote: Part of the reason celibacy seems so irrelevant to most people…is that the connection between celibacy and sexuality is completely ignored.

The lack of correct information in our sex education curricula also provides undue pressure upon the person. Keep in mind that young people are sometimes having sex for all the wrong reasons these days. Mostly because the classes do not fully explain the reasons people have sex, nor does it explain that sex requires a lot of emotional involvement and that it teaches one to be more sensitive of the feeling, body, and decision of their sexual partners.

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The young people of today need to be given the straightforward version of what to expect when having sex and what their options are. The sexual landscape they face is already confusing as it is and vague information will not help ease the confusion and pressure they already feel.

If everyone can have access to the correct information regarding sexual choices and the benefits and drawbacks of such decisions, we will find ourselves better equipped to deal with the sexual roadblocks that come our way as we go through life. And we will be confident in the fact that we will have made the choice that we know will be the right one for us.


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