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Social Community Constructions


This paper outlines social community constructions, expected social conduct, and economic structures within the society. Also, it analyzes the government’s support for occupations and unfortunate citizens. It evaluates various aspects of society and their significance to the culture.

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Come the unity refers to a social set up with values and strings of consciousness of shared associations between persons (Delanty 28). They live under and share similar Environment and situations, or are in one geographical location. The community thus has a lot to do with links, values, and cultures of people.

Social Structure and Behavior of the Community

This deals with systemized organizations, which establish a community as one functional unit. It has a major role in the influence of the behavioral patterns of an individual. It means the cultures, norms, and the way they sway the members of that community (Sorrentino 34). Also, it may relate to economic stratification and distribute ion of major social facilities and resources.

Social structure affects governance, bylaw, and the economy. Social behaviors are usually contextual. They determine how persons view and lead their social lives and insights into how individual expectations condition us. Individuals obtain social norms and direct their characters to honor them, failure of which conflicts arise.

Other factors that have significance on social expectations include our stereotypes, set institutional and social functions, or media. Generally, one’s behavior should honor the culture and set virtues of the society in question.

Economic Stratification System and government’s help

Normal society is composed of categories of individuals, groups, and organizations with a unique endowment. There is indeed an economic stratification in all communities. Stratification refers to the alignment of persons in line with their uniqueness from one another in terms of income, job, and resource availability. In the socioeconomic view, there exists a lower level, middle, and the top class (Taylor & Andersen 217).

The government may issue jobs to the less fortunate or generally the public. It allocates revenue to diverse economic sectors. Informal employment industry may benefit from incentives and loans for enterprise. There are legislations that safeguard employees and prescribe their remuneration and work benefits.

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Also, there exist allowances for social protection and work equipment purchase for employees. There are lowered medical care to the needy, education and basic shelter and hygiene services. These are commonly constrained by limited resources in countries.

The Five Aspects of Community

Aspects of the community refer to the set of common values to which the morals and behavior patterns of individuals are attributed (Homan 52). Shared territory refers to the physical area where every member of the society occupies. It embodies all the community members and distinguishes concepts. Shared values dictate the behavior and traditions of a community. It links people to a pool of morals that drive a given society.

Thirdly, the support structure incorporates the services and values within society. The shared public realm has to do with the systems, which are in place for the society to draw its morals and social practices. They are like societal benchmarks. Lastly, there exist aspects of shared destiny, which all the members of society work to achieve. Each society has defined destiny and expects all its persons to work towards them.


All governments should address the crucial wants of the less fortunate persons. There are discrepancies in social groups due to varying level of endowment with resources, occupations, and location. Human behavior is a resultant feature of standards and practices. Consequently, different persons behave differently. Habit and behavior depict the type of family an individual resides.

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