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Shakespeare’s Impact on the English Language

No one can dispute the fact that Shakespeare’s works have had an impact on the English language and should be studied in schools by students. Shakespeare had a great contribution when comes to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the authoritative record of the English language, used mostly by students. In this case, Shakespeare is almost always recorded as the lone or first customer of an expression or articulation (Wells 11). The more one examines Shakespeare’s phrases, the more one will notice that, according to the OED, he frequently utilizes language in unique ways or has originated uses that eventually became established in the language that can be relevant to students. There is little doubt that Shakespeare was a great artist who could create an image with his pen that few writers before or since have risen to, if not surpassed. Shakespeare’s plays are fast-paced, witty, and brief. In particular, Shakespeare dominated at implanting his accounts and characters with qualities that crowds and readers can relate to – Hamlet’s torment, Ophelia’s despair, and Romeo and Juliet’s unnerving love. This is one of the reasons why Shakespeare should continue to be studied in schools.

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Another reason is that, aside from the broad range of topics and eternal significance, one of Shakespeare’s most inventive aspects is the vast array of tactics used to build and introduce his plays and the characters that inhabit them. One can take consideration of Macbeth, a play set in 11th-century Scotland. Many have seen his three witches pivot and spin as weird buildings draped in blood-splattered fabric hung from the ceiling (Martínez Cebrián). Others have them portrayed as furnished power officials on their way to war, as three masculine sanitation workers with the dump as their shot foundation, as singing showgirls, and, most disturbingly, as three tiny babies swinging high above the stage.

In conclusion, a good teacher might use this adaptability such that, while the accounts may be set at specific places and times from the start, the high-level interpretations are constantly evolving and at the forefront. Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, in which the characters plunge along Venice Beach to an uncompromising and terrifying conclusion set beneath a collapsing Proscenium Arch, is perhaps the most notorious example (Wells 11). There is something innately satisfying about attempting a text that will make this way reward understudies so generously.

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