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Shakespeare’s The Tempest in the Savage Rose Theater

A comprehensive assessment of a theatrical performance is a convenient mechanism for gaining new experiences about which elements of a spectacle deserve particular attention and can influence the impression of what viewers see. As an object of evaluation, I have chosen the online play The Tempest created by the ingenious William Shakespeare and revised by the Savage Rose Theater (Savagerosetheatre, 2014). The analysis of the acting, visual and sound effects, and other aspects of the performance can help determine the degree of the play’s impact on the audience and describe my emotions as believably as possible.

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Ambiance and Effects

When assessing the atmosphere during the performance, one can note that the actors are in close proximity to the public. There is no a classic scene, and all actions take place on the same level as the audience. This effect enhances the sense of presence and helps establish contact between the actors and the viewers. At the same time, the arrangement of seats in a circle allows the public to sit freely and watch the play from different angles.

Kelly Moore, who is the director, did everything possible to create specific effects on a small area. The lighting is not strong and rarely changes throughout the play. The main actions take place in the center of the scene, which is lighted most. Since the play was staged in 2014, the directing team of the Savage Rose Theater was able to introduce high-quality sound effects, thereby creating the effect of presence and emphasizing tense moments (Savagerosetheater, 2014). Judging by the accessible viewing angle, the hall in which the performance is held is small, and the actors can be easily heard from different places, which is a plus. English is understandable and as close as possible to the original, which also enhances the impact on the public.

Setting and Characters

Despite little space, the play does not seem surrealistic, and in all five acts, a clear distribution of area on the stage allows comparing the performance with an ordinary theatrical spectacle. The characters’ costumes correspond with the era in which the action takes place and fit into the overall concept successfully. Changes in storylines occur non-stop, which is an objective decision of the director. On the area of a small stage, it is difficult to organize phased transitions and set new decorations quickly, and the concept of staging is justified.

Regarding the acting, the dramatis personae look believable, and Ariel, an ethereal spirit, deserves particular attention. According to Marrouchi (2020), this spirit interacts with both positive and negative characters, and his reaction is one way to assess the tension of the situation. His mysterious and, at the same time, soulful acting evokes appreciation from the public and fits organically into the concept of the play. The remaining characters are also successfully selected, but I remember the image of Ariel best due to both a vivid makeup and his acting talent.

Personal Evaluation

After watching this play, I had vivid impressions and emotions. A limited space is not a minus; conversely, the proximity of the actors allows seeing all the details better. This production differs from many others that I saw earlier in its pace of the plot, which is changing rapidly and, at the same time, keeps in suspense until the last minute. At the end of the performance, I felt sad because the spectacle was over. I discussed the production with my friend, who confirmed my ideas about the success of this project. In general, the play deserves public attention and is a high-quality creative product that can be staged on different theater venues.


By analyzing in detail the play The Tempest that I have watched, I can point out the successfully staged production. It is original due to a limited space and the proximity of the audience. Despite the simplicity of the visual effects, the sound accompaniment, the costumes of the characters, and the cast were selected successfully. Ariel’s acting may be noted individually, and in general, the performance has left vivid impressions and emotions.

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