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🏆 Best Essay Topics on The Tempest

  1. Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Image Exploration
    The sea water is an important image of William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest because it symbolizes the power which can lead to the loss and devastation.
  2. “The Tempest” a Play by William Shakespeare
    In the Tempest, Shakespeare, portrays Caliban as an uncultured half- man, half beast, who is enslaved in his own land by a foreign intruder.
  3. “The Tempest”: Viewing and Reflection
    The Tempest performed by the Savage Rose Theater Company is a classical period drama performance of the Shakespearean classic. It is a faithful adaptation of the text.
  4. Utopia in “The Tempest” by Shakespeare
    The paper contrasts The Tempest by Shakespeare to Gulliver’s Travels by Swift, New Atlantis by Bacon, Prospero’s Wife by Orgel and Maisano’s Reading Underwater.
  5. “The Tempest” Performance by St. Louis Shakespeare
    St. Louis Shakespeare performed a version of The Tempest using a period drama approach to the adaptation of the popular play.
  6. Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” at Savage Rose Theatre
    The Tempest staged by the Savage Rose Theatre Company represents a fresh look at the known performance and a proper combination of tragedy with comedic elements.
  7. “The Tempest” Performance by Savage Rose Theater
    The performance The Tempest was running in the Savage Rose Theater. Although it is a modern theatre company, it adheres to classical drama and does not experiment.
  8. “The Tempest” at Shakespeare Festival in St. Louis
    A version of The Tempest performed at the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival is a historical period drama performance of the popular Shakespearean classic.
  9. The Tempest Play at Savage Rose Classical Theater
    The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the performance of Savage Rose classical theater company regarding the use of the staging and the overall performance of the actors.
  10. The Tempest by William Shakespeare: Viewing and Reflection
    St. Louis Shakespeare’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest was staged in 2010 and performed at the Grandel Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri.
  11. The Tempest by William Shakespeare
    The play “The Tempest” written in the very beginning of the seventeenth century influences the canons of dramatic arts and their role in the modern performing culture.
  12. Shakespeare’s The Tempest: Gender Roles
    Looking for an essay on gender roles in The Tempest by Shakespeare? Here is a great essay sample on the topic! Use it to get inspired.
  13. “The Tempest” Play at St. Louis Shakespeare Festival
    This paper aims to explain the viewing experience of the play “The Tempest” at the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival.
  14. Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” by Savage Rose Theatre
    The present research will review the play named The Tempest, which was performed by the Savage Rose Theatre in 2014.
  15. “The Tempest” Play by St. Louis Shakespeare Theater
    This performance of The Tempest by St. Louis Shakespeare theater covered the text of the Shakespearean play, making it a full-length production.
  16. “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare
    The tragicomedy “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare is an outstanding and world-famous work that is full of quotes and sayings, which, in turn, have become catchphrases.
  17. The Tempest and the Contemporary Arts
    The Tempest is one of the most famous plays of the final period of Shakespearean creative work. The problems that the author revealed in this play to be rather topical for the present day.
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