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Should Wolves Come Back to Colorado?

“Is wolves’ coming back to Colorado beneficial for citizens?” is the main research question for this project that has to be thoroughly discussed and analyzed. The history of gray wolves in this state can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century. A wolf was recognized as a symbol of the West to prove wild nature fascination and human fear of its strength and unpredictability. In 1945, the last wolf was shot to promote the safety of the population in the region. Current wildlife defenders cannot accept the fact that gray wolves continue disappearing, and their howl is not recently heard in the Southern Rockies. On November 3, 2020, Colorado Proposition 114 was offered, and the Grady Wolf Reintroduction Initiative was approved. More than 56,000 votes were used to support the creation of a new plan in terms of which wolf reintroduction can be possible by the end of 2023. Such states as Montana and Idaho have rather controversial experiences in promoting wildlife support, and it is believed that Colorado’s experiences may demonstrate a successful implementation example. I will prove that wolf reintroduction is beneficial for the state.

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Regarding the existing debates and concerns about the importance of wolf reintroduction, this research project has to cover several critical areas. I plan to answer the following questions and achieve the initial goal about the possibility of wolves returning to Colorado: “What is the history of wolves in Colorado?”, “What are the current legislative options for wolf status in the state?”, “What are the reasons for wolf debates in Colorado?”, “What are the conditions under which reintroduction of gray wolves is possible in the region?”, and “What do people think about the wolf legacy in their state?”. My attention to these specific questions helps create a solid basis for understanding the benefits and threats of wolves’ coming back to the state. Although it is easy to state that wildlife has to be protected, not many people are ready to accept this idea with all its pros and cons. Therefore, I find it necessary to investigate the historical background of this issue and underline the current situation in Colorado.

The investigation of the offered question requires the development of a definite plan. I want to use several sources that can be valuable for this topic. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a well-known agency to controls and improve wildlife, manages hunting and fishing licenses, and protects animals. Its reports and observations can help discover the truth about wolf reintroduction. Articles from local and national newspapers and magazines like Sierra or National Geographic describe how environmental and social needs are balanced in the region. Governmental sites are necessary to explain the worth of Proposition 114, and communication with local people contributes to a better understanding of how citizens treat the offered idea. A systematic review and a quantitative survey are the best research methods that do not require much time and effort.

Regarding the offered plan and the current status of wolves in Colorado, it is expected to prove that their coming back may be associated with a number of benefits for the citizens, the state, and the country in general. This topic matters because I believe that it is a human responsibility to protect wildlife and create appropriate conditions to predict gray wolf extinction. My readers, like peers, instructors, as well as local citizens and governments, can find this study interesting because I underline the importance of human-wildlife balance and prove that the implication of my ideas can provoke new studies in this area. It is not enough to consider the theme of wolves’ coming back as something negative or positive but focus on the conditions under which this reintroduction should occur.

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