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The Heart and the Digestive System

The article about the heart shows its representation, including the respective parts. The parts of the heart include the arteries and veins that take blood into and out of the heart. The article describes where the heart lies within the body system and how it functions within the body to ensure the supply of blood to the respective body parts (Manolis 45).

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On the contrary, the digestive system article describes what the digestive system entails. It also highlights the parts involved in digestion and the respective processes taking place in those parts. The digestive system article includes the hormones involved in the digestion process and their respective functions (Johnson 34).

The heart and the digestive systems’ articles have several integral relationships. For instance, the digestive system is responsible for the breakdown of food that human beings consume. The system also divides the food into the respective components such as vitamins and nutrients. In addition, it allows for the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.

On the contrary, the heart, which constitutes the circulatory system, pumps blood that moves the nutrients produced by the digestive system around the body. In addition, it transports the unwanted materials out to the respective organs to enhance their elimination from the body (Manolis 46).

The human body requires both the digestive system and the heart to function properly. The heart supplies blood to the body organs to enhance the proper functioning of the body system. Failure of the heart to supply the body with blood can cause complications within the body system (Manolis 45). Such complications can result in the death of a person. The digestive system carries out digestion in the body to ensure the provision of nutrients for the body. In addition, it ensures the elimination of waste products from the body. The failure of the two systems to function has severe effects that can even lead to death. Therefore, no human being can live without both the digestive system and the heart.

There are diseases related to both the heart and the digestive system. One of the diseases related to the heart is coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease occurs whenever the artery that sources blood to the heart toughens and narrows because of plaque buildup. It is one of the bereavement sources in the United States affecting both men and women. The other diseases are hypertensive heart diseases resulting from hypertension. They include problems such as heart attack and heart failure (Manolis 45).

On the other hand, some of the diseases related to the digestive system include cirrhosis and jaundice. Cirrhosis is a liver disease that results from excessive alcohol intake. Jaundice is a disease where the eye whites and the skin experience a yellowing effect. Jaundice results from the blockage of the ducts responsible for draining bile into the intestines from the liver (Johnson 48).

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The human body works together with all systems to ensure effective performance. The body system can carry out various tasks within the body involving various organs. For instance, the heart is the central organ of the cardiovascular system that pumps blood to different parts of the body (Manolis 36). On the other hand, the digestive system enhances the transformation of food into energy. The system also enhances the absorption of food and its transformation into energy for use by the body.

The skeletal system does provide the body with a shape. The heart provides the cells, tissues, and skeletal system with blood to enhance their functioning. The digestive system is responsible for the supply of nutrients to the tissues, skeletal system, and cells to enhance their performance in the body (Johnson 56).

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