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Sikorsky Aircraft: the Output Variation Rates

Providing high-quality services and products is an essential requirement for a company operating in the global economy environment. Because of increasingly high quality standards in the specified area due to the unceasing technological progress, it is crucial to apply the quality control strategy that will help control the production process and not only detect defects but also reduce the number thereof.

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By incorporating the Total Quality Management approach, which helps establish a stronger control over the operation processes, managers at Sikorsky will be able to reduce variation rates, therefore, triggering a rapid drop in the number of defective items produced and increasing the quality rates in helicopters production process.

The significance of TQM as the tool to be applied in the context of the Sikorsky Aircraft organization is huge as it allows introducing every single staff member to the philosophy of quality management. Seeing that teamwork is an essential part of the Sikorsky Company’s philosophy, the incorporation of the above concept into the process of quality assurance is a crucial step toward reducing the variation in the number of errors.

The more cohesive the employees’ actions are, the fewer mistakes they are going to make in the process. As a result, a more successful quality management process can be expected (Pyzdek & Keller, 2014).

Similarly, the fact that the Six Sigma framework, in general, and the TQM concept, in particular, implies a stronger emphasis on not only reproducibility but also repeatability of the process serves as the proof for the importance of the above approach in the context of the Sikorsky Aircraft organization. By creating the environment, in which the essential production stages can be supervised by the people involved and maintained impeccably repeatable with the help of the technology engaged, one is likely to reduce the average number of errors made.

Moreover, by helping people remember the pattern of the framework and using the tools that permit the workers to repeat the daily routine easily, one is likely to increase the repeatability and reproducibility rates significantly. Thus, the variation of the errors made by the staff will drop immediately (Understanding Six Sigma, 2016).

The common cause of variation can be traced by comparing the number of errors made previously to the error rate that the staff will display after the TQM strategy is deployed. The special cause variation, in its turn, will be observed as the employees change their attitude toward the very process of promoting quality in the workplace. A more responsible attitude among the members, thus, will be interpreted as the manifestation to the special cause variation. As a result, an impressive rise in quality rates can be expected in the environment of the Sikorski Aircraft organization (Deng, 2014).

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The incorporation of the TQM framework along with the basic principles of the Six Sigma DMAIC strategy, one will be capable of improving the output variation rate by reducing the number of defective items. The focus on controlling the manufacturing process tighter and making sure that the staff members should be able to reduce the number of errors made in the course of manufacturing. The integration of the TQM approach, in its turn, it bound to return rather positive effects as it will help redesign the employees’ attitude toward the very process of managing the process of helicopter parts production and their further assembly.

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