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Simultaneous Usage of Double 3 via Tapbooth Share


Social media platforms provide an immense opportunity for people to share their experiences with the world. TapBooth has numerous features that allow its users to improve their experience while taking photos and posting them on the most popular platforms (“Help,” n.d.). However, I would like to focus on the potential opportunity to create an experience of simultaneous usage of Double 3 via TapBooth Share, which allows the application to send a picture to all connected users automatically.

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Distant workers or learners might need to have a constant stream of data during their task. For example, via TapBooth Share, a Double 3 user can create a real-time tour through a facility or a workplace by taking photos of the essential pieces. Furthermore, this technology can organize similar presentations for users outside of TapBooth share by using a dedicated Facebook page or a Twitter account.

Double 3

The new model that was released in the past year features a significant number of improvements and additions. First of all, the hardware of the robot has been changed from making use of Apple iPad to a standalone product with the latest GPU technologies on the market (The Robot Report Staff, 2019). The head of Double 3 also bears an improved set of six microphones for better quality, surround sound, and the distance of captured audio (The Robot Report Staff, 2019). One of the key new features is advanced obstacle avoidance that enables the device to correct its movement automatically and to map the surroundings for better navigation (“Upgrade to Double 3,” n.d.). These features provide a stable ground for future development without the need to rely on Apple products and their updates heavily.

Regarding the improvements, Double 3 has several The base of the Double 2 remains compatible with the Double 3 head (“Upgrade to Double 3,” n.d.). The updated interface presents mixed-reality graphics that change the driving experience to be more smooth and intuitive (“Upgrade to Double 3,” n.d.). The change of the head structure allowed the creators to simplify the process of setting the robot up by eliminating the need to use Bluetooth to connect the base of the robot with the iPad (“Upgrade to Double 3,” n.d.). Personally, I would like to see a matt black color trim as more suitable for people who strictly focus on business, or, possibly, a rainbow pattern for a more extravagant appearance.

Future Potential

It is possible to implement TapBooth features that allow automated sharing of photographs with a facial recognition technology to give Double 3 users an opportunity to create a perfect photo. This feature can expand the functionality of the robot in regards to usage outside of education or business environments, boosting the potential target audience. The modern camera software technologies have the ability to add easy-to-use facial recognition techniques, which can allow Double 3 users to take on the role of a cameraman for their friends or relatives (Akhtar & Rattani, 2017). For example, an upgraded software can allow the user to select the conditions for photo capturing, such as a specific pose or expression, and share this photo with people who are on it. Eventually, this technology can allow Double robots to combine the created map of their surroundings with a photo input by the user to search for this person in the vicinity automatically.


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