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Sleep Health: Community and Website Resources

Community resource: Mount Sinai Medical Center

  • Mount Sinai Medical Center is a hospital in Miami
  • Runs a specialized Sleep Disorder Center
  • The center is accredited with board-certified medical and technical staff
  • Offers diagnostic and therapeutic polysomnography
  • Conducts sleep studies to identify a wide variety of sleep disorders
  • Offers information on improvements to sleep hygiene

Notes: Mount Sinai is one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in South Florida. The Sleep Disorder Center is a highly specialized facility that has been operational since 1977. It has competent staff and innovative 21st-century medical technology to evaluate a patient’s sleep patterns. Thus, any presence of a disease, sleep disturbances or abnormalities can be identified and corrected through appropriate therapy (Mount Sinai Medical Center, n.d.).

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Community resource: Grand Health Institute

  • Grand Health Institute is a private practice facility
  • Sleep Center with focus on pediatric health
  • Provides evaluation and management of psychological and behavioral sleep disorders
  • Center accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Provides highly technological comprehensive diagnostic evaluation
  • The facility is family-centered with a patient-first approach

Notes: The Grand Health Institute maintains a narrow specialization in pediatric sleep disorders. The center’s leading physician Dr. Shahzeidi is certified in pediatrics, pediatric pulmonology, and sleep medicine. Sleep disorders in children, particularly sleep apnea, are often caused by enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Other factors may include obesity and facial structure. The center will identify and diagnose any causes and redirect the patient for surgical intervention or treatment that may alleviate the problem (Grand Health Institute, 2014).

Website resource: National Sleep Foundation

  • National Sleep Foundation is a non-profit organization
  • Seeks to promote knowledge of sleep and sleep disorders
  • The website is easily accessible and understood by clients
  • Offers a variety of articles on the topic of sleep
  • Focuses on significant public health issues related to sleep
  • Offers statistics and resources to find more information or treatment

Notes: The website is designed to be similar to a magazine, attractive to the public and not overwhelming with medical terms. It helps to explain information on a wide variety of sleep disorders, offering a basic outline and treatment for each. Furthermore, it explores factors which may impact sleep, including the environment in the bedroom and stimulation of the senses. Overall, the website is a useful tool for the public as it offers information and solutions on how to improve sleep. Meanwhile, if a person seeks medical treatment, the website has a page allowing to find experts within a specific radius of a zip code (National Sleep Foundation, 2014).

Website resource: Healthy People 2020

  • Sleep health is a Healthy People 2020 goal
  • Increase public awareness of sleep
  • Over 25% of adults report inadequate sleep
  • Sleep impacts health, metabolism, and productivity
  • Sleep disorders can lead to increased risk of disease
  • The website provides evidence-based statistics, interventions, and treatment recommendations

Notes: As part of the Healthy People 2020 initiative, specific objectives focus on sleep health. It is an objective to increase the proportion of adults and children receiving an adequate amount of sleep as well as reduce health risks such drowsy driving and obstructive sleep apnea (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, n.d.).

The website is a critical resource for medical professionals as it provides evidence-based data and treatment options for various sleep-related disorders, including options for screening, prevention, and both pharmacological or non-pharmacological interventions. Health People 2020 objectives should be actively supported and promoted within the community by medical professionals, and this website resource provides fundamental information on a lesser known area of healthcare.


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