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Social Interconnection and Influence

People are social beings according to their nature but sometimes this social factor becomes dominant in the life of people and they begin to be influenced by the society is a great way. Such influence is often observed in the life of teenagers when they begin to copy the style in close or in the music of other people. Such notions as self-concept, self-esteem, and self-identity have some common and differential features. Self-concept of the person shows the value which the person attach to him/herself. Self-esteem is how the person respects him/herself and self-identity is how the person identifies him/herself in the society. The stylistic color of these notions is common, but it has the same common word “value”. One’s social perception depends on the self-concept, self-esteem, and self-identity of the person and how he/she represents him/herself in the society. The factors, which influence persuasion, are positive emotional condition, the repetition of the messages, the low self-esteem and the persuasion by experts and celebrities. The factors, which influence conformity, are “belonging to a collectivist culture, desire to be liked by others, low self-esteem, shyness, and lack of personal expertise in the situation” (Nevid & Rathus, 2005, p. 255)

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Psychological tests are very important in the life of every person as they allow valuing the personal traits which are impossible to see, they help for person to understand him/herself and to find the solution to the problem. Different psychological tests help people to find the problem in their low self-esteem and self-content. Self-concept and self-esteem influence people’s self-identity greatly as it is as if the part of self-identity. The stylistic color of these notions is common, but it has the same common word “value”. People’s behavior influence the behavior of the other people and these people are influences, there is a sort of circle there.

People are constantly making first impressions in social, personal, and professional situations. It is very important as the first impression predetermine the future relations. The first impression is significant while the job interview or the first date. The behavior of the person depends on the situation and on people who are involved in the situation, but the positive impression is better to create in any situation.

John is more likely to be persuaded by peer pressures such as drinking, drug use, skipping class, and other irresponsible behavior in a new city as he seems to be a very communicative person and coming to the strange city his main aim will be to find friends. The friends are different and coming to the spoiled company of people, he may also take up their habits. John seems to be very communicative, and moreover, the communication is very important for him. Being in a good mood, John may be easily persuaded to try some drinking or drugs, people, who are authorities for him, may also easy convince him. Moreover, the communication and the constant repetition of one and the same may be a great pusher for persuasion. The mentioned factors are the main factors of the persuasion, according to which people may convince the others to do this or that (Nevid & Rathus, 2005). Taking into consideration the factors which influence conformity (as the reasons to convince John and make him addicted), such factors may be mentioned: (1) John is the part of the collectivist culture as the member of the sport collective and (2) coming to the other city, the desire to get friends will make him to try to be liked by them.

So, the whole society is interconnected, people are influenced by the other and their activities influence other people, this is the society, and people in the society are usually alike. People should study psychology in order to be independent and to be able to analyze the situation from different sides (O’hara, 2005).


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O’hara, S (2005). What can you do with a major in psychology? Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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