SPA Salon’s Marketing and Design

The holistic SPA is created to provide deep relaxation procedures for highly stressed clients who require access to both signature and individual treatments. The business concept of the given SPA is to deliver entirely natural and organic products, which are oriented at relaxing and vitalizing a person’s mind, body, and spirit. The primary vision is to allow the customer to escape their rushed and fast-paced lives in order to fully immerse in deep relaxation. The mission statement of this holistic SPA is to release tensions and increase the vitality of our clientele.

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SPA Details

The given SPA salon will be located on the small island of Cyprus in Europe, which is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It will include facilities, such as an indoor floating pool with salt water, halotherapy room, aromatic steam room, regular and infrared sauna. Due to the salon’s location, it will be highly appealing for the customer because the weather of Cyprus is warm and pleasant. In addition, the central premise is to target highly busy and stressed-out clients who are in serious need of tension release and deep relaxation. The product line will include only organic brands, such as 100% pure, Rosemira, Ox Box, Amala, and Annmarie (“Best organic skincare,” 2019). The equipment will involve Starpool massage beds, Lemi Group’s pedicure chair, Nilo’s manicure chair, Starpool’s infrared sauna, and Halo’s halotherapy set.


The overall design of the holistic SPA will have steam and sauna rooms alongside hydrotherapy chambers. In addition, there will be multiple shower cabins and two relaxation rooms. All of these rooms will be connected with a single hallway that starts from the entrance. The design will be simplistic and minimalistic in order to reduce the customer’s distraction and confusion in orientation.

IST and SE

The given holistic SPA’s menu will contain both individual signature treatments (IST) and signature experience (SE). IST will include two primary departments, such as facial and body sections. At the same time, SE will involve a unique set of combination of wraps, body scrubs, massages, and service packages targeted at improving the spirit, energy, sensory input, and hydrotherapies.

SPA Journey and Five Senses

Furthermore, a holistic SPA journey will be offered as three packages consisting of personalized facial and body massages, a set of Balinese and Ayurveda massages, and a pedicure and manicure with nail polish. All of these SPA journeys will have complimentary meals and fresh fruit cocktails. The overall design of the salon will positively stimulate the five senses of the human body. Fragrant sprays and oils are made for the smell, halogenic and mild lamps for sight, and smooth and soft clothes and couches for touch (“Spa education academy,” 2018). In addition, light classical and mild jazz music will be played in order to target hearing and delicious and fresh drinks for taste.

Target Market

The primary target market is busy and hard-working individuals who are usually stressed out and in serious need of deep relaxational care. Although the main clients will be women, the local men in Cyprus are also known to be interested in SPA salons (Neocleous & Apostolou, 2018). Therefore, clientele will mainly consist of middle-aged working males and females with highly tight schedules.


There are a number of competitors in the SPA salon business, such as Suenos Spa, Ambiental Touch, and Almyra Spa (“Spas & wellness centers in Cyprus,” 2019). All of them possess partially specialized services. However, these companies provide every essential SPA treatment.

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The marketing strategy will include online booking appointments, selfie stations, Facebook advertising, mobile app development, influencer marketing, and going public. The majority of clients are middle-aged working people who possess highly tight schedules. Therefore, the given SPA salon will provide easy and effective appointment solutions, such as online and mobile app booking (Daubs & Manzerolle, 2016). In addition, the core marketing tactics will be conducted through social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Instagram. Also, the most popular influencers will be hired in order to reach out to the SPA’s target clients. If the given holistic salon expands and grows, the company will go public to increase the investment flow.


SWOT analysis is a necessary element of research, a mandatory preliminary stage in the preparation of any level of strategic and marketing plans. The data from the given analytical methods guide future strategic decisions (Kapoor & Kaur, 2017). The company’s success and profitability are defined mainly by its ability to adjust to various external factors. The SWOT analysis allows identifying core components that act as influencing forces.

The relationship among these elements is the key determiners of a firm’s capacity to overcome business challenges. It is also essential to clearly outline the factors in the company’s control area (Kapoor & Kaur, 2017). In other words, a firm should be able to distinguish influencing components because a number of business functions must be shaped according to these elements.

SWOT analysis of the SPA salon showed that the main strength of the firm lies in its organic and natural product lines. The target clientele is middle-class people with medium to high levels of purchasing power, which means that they seek quality services, and customers are willing to pay more. However, the biggest weakness is that the demand for the salon will be highly fluctuating due to the similarity of working hours of our customers (Smith & Puczko, 2018).

It means that most appointments will be placed in the evenings and early mornings, whereas the regular working time will likely be empty. The opportunity is to change the salon’s operation time to 24 hours or shift it towards mornings and evenings. The primary threat comes from suppliers because high-quality natural products are costly and expensive (Kapoor & Kaur, 2017). In addition, Cyprus may lack specialists who are willing to work during non-traditional hours and late shifts.

Project Timescale

The timescale of the given project will be four months long, where one month will be spent on ordering essential products and equipment. The second month will conduct a series of interviews in order to hire qualified personnel. For the remaining two months, construction workers and designers will complete the interior works alongside repainting and renovations. Thus, if the project realization began in September 2019, its completion will be expected at the end of December.

The Floor Plan

The floor plan will be primarily dependent on the basic structure of the office being rented; however, some non-supporting walls will be demolished for adjustments. It is expected that the overall floor plan design will be simplistic in order to be less orientationally confusing for clients. The main entrance hall will have a reception desk with employees waiting to guide the customers. The wide hallway will serve as a primary access point for all rooms and chambers. The shower and storage rooms will be located at the furthest point from the entrance.

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Financial Details and Budgetary Needs

The financial detail will be highly reliant on the equipment’s brand, shipping costs, and the available price at the time of purchase. The majority of items will be pre-ordered, which means that the correct estimates will be available during the buying process. However, it is essential to note that 80% of the project’s cost will be spent on pool construction and SPA equipment, which can range from €4000 up to €25000 (“SPA equipment wholesale,” 2019).

For instance, halotherapy and infrared sauna will require salts and specific light sources, respectively. The cost of a single lamp can start from €300, whereas the most sophisticated ones are priced at €1400 (“SPA equipment wholesale,” 2019). In general, the overall cost of all essential SPA equipment will be around €50000 (“SPA equipment wholesale,” 2019). Therefore, these budgetary requirements will be increased by local prices of construction workers and designers.


In conclusion, the given holistic SPA salon will focus on providing high-quality service with organic and natural products. The target market will be hard-working middle-class citizens with tight schedules who in need of deep relaxation procedures and therapies. The overall design of the salon will be minimalistic, and it will positively stimulate all five senses. The primary facilities will include facilities, such as an indoor floating pool with salt water, halotherapy room, aromatic steam room, regular and infrared sauna.

Operating hours will be adjusted for customer’s demands, which will involve primarily middle-aged people who are willing to pay more for better service. The SWOT analysis shows that the core problem will be finding qualified specialists who will agree to work irregular hours. In addition, budgetary expenses are estimated to be higher than €50000, which will significantly increase construction and design costs.

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