The Ethical Policies of TechFite


The policies of TechFite are a set of rules of work and standards of conduct that every employee of the company must follow. The purpose of the policies is to create a system of relationships and corporate values for the effective operation and long-term success of the company (Davies, 2016). These policies set out the values, principles, and collaborative focus of TechFite. The reputation of the company is one of the essential components that create its value in the market. The daily work on the formation of the image, carried out by all employees of the company, increases not only its prestige and status but also intangible assets (Davies, 2016). Consideration of policies should be accompanied by understanding that ethical norms formulated by TechFites culture, although they are within the law and are based on it, should be treated as separate regulations.

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Mutual respect, humanity, justice, and responsibility for the fulfillment of the obligations assumed are the basis of interaction and development of a partnership between employees and management of the company. Heads of departments are responsible for compliance with the principles and provisions of these policies. Each employee becoming a member of the staff of TechFite should rely in their activities on corporate norms and values fixed in internal regulations, in particular, in these policies of the company. The policies apply to all employees, including management; we expect that the daily behavior of employees will be based on these principles and values, their attitude to the company, work, customers, partners, and each other.

Value Policy

The primary value of TechFite is people; it is their professionalism and job satisfaction that form the basis of the company’s prosperity. TechFite is focused on long-term cooperation with each person accepted into our team. This entails the constant improvement of the company and the provision of opportunities for maximum disclosure of the potential of human resources (Davies, 2016). One of the goals of TechFite is to create and maintain the status of an attractive employer, making the most favorable working conditions that meet the requirements of reality and opportunities of the company. It is needed for the disclosure of the potential and initiative of employees, as well as for their development and training. Each employee is guaranteed 40 hours of work per week to receive the full-time benefits offered by the company. If TechFite violates this ethical policy, it may lead to a conflict of interests between the employer and employees, and provoke an undesirable atmosphere in the team. An ethics officer should prevent such issues by detecting the problem in a timely manner.

Policy of Collaboration

All new proposals and ideas of each employee are valuable for TechFite. Employees can use all existing information channels in the company to convey their opinion. Continuous and systematic exchange of experience, knowledge, and skills contributes to the professionalism of TechFite’s staff. The company’s policy includes real encouragement of initiative and useful ideas. Effective use of existing knowledge by employees and continuous improvement of professional competence through training and exchange of experience allow increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the company (Trevino & Nelson, 2016). The development of production is possible only with the increase of professionalism and self-realization of employees. One of the main principles of TechFite is the desire to create a productive team of like-minded people who share the goals and values of the company. The basis of their relations should be an active exchange of knowledge and experience, mutual support, and assistance. A careless approach to the implementation of this policy may result in misusage of sources by the management or its employees. A specialist on ethical issues in the company is needed to prevent this unacceptable activity, carrying out preventive work and reporting violations.

Policy of Principles

TechFite pays special attention to the results of economic activities, meeting the needs of the population in the quality of services, and developing the welfare of the regions in which the company operates. The mission of the company extends to the rational use of natural resources, participation in charitable and sponsorship activities, and promotion of healthy lifestyles among the population. The company strives to fulfill all obligations on environmental and infrastructure assistance to the city or district on time and in full. Failure to comply with this policy by the company leadership entails a risk of misinformation of the society about the companys actions, including failure to comply with municipal agreements. TechFite’s ethics officer is to oversee the implementation of the policy and report to management if it has been violated by any member of the staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility for Possible Issues

The company is responsible for all errors and unacceptable actions committed by management and employees (Trevino & Nelson, 2016). Possible mistakes include conflict of interest between managers and subordinates, budget abuse among managers, misinformation of the population about the company’s activity, and others. The company needs to improve its reputation and ensure that no mistakes are made in the implementation of production, communication with the public and within the company. Shortly after the opening of a new factory in Dellberg, USA, some unacceptable actions were committed during the organization of production, social activity, and personnel policy.

Current Problems

Due to insufficient allocation of resources, the local management has decided to reduce the number of full-time jobs and to distribute most of the workload to part-time employees. According to the decision of the City Council, the company is obliged to attract its resources and efforts to restore the infrastructure of the city and improve the environmental situation, taking into account the bankruptcy of the city. However, this commitment was not fulfilled by the management. The office in the UK continues to receive complaints from employees of the Dellberg branch about the insufficient number of hours per week and the excessive use of employees without proper encouragement. Measures to restore trust and prevent these egregious violations of the company’s code of ethics must be taken as a matter of urgency, and a public apology must be made.

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Ways of Solution

The most applicable measure to restore the trust of the city administration and employees of the branch is a comprehensive solution to each of the tasks and problems. Management should involve the local sponsors and the society for the protection of nature, to realize the supply of equipment and uninterrupted sponsorship of projects to improve infrastructure. Each employee should be offered full-time employment with the realization of all his rights on the condition of voluntary involvement in the improvement of Dellberg. This activity should be provided at the expense of several daily hours of work out of the required 40. The latter measure should be implemented during the restoration of the city and replenishment of TechFite’s budget sufficiently to bring the organization out of the crisis. The temporality of the measure should be emphasized in all public statements.

The rationale for the Chosen Solutions

Each of the measures presented corresponds to TechFite’s policy and emphasizes the importance for the company of both the well-being of the city and respect for the rights of its employees. Since the company pays particular attention to respect for infrastructure and the environment in its ethics policy, the powers entrusted to the management of the city authorities will be fully implemented. Since one of the priorities in the culture and ethics of TechFite is human resource, the right of employees to decent working conditions will be restored.


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