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“Space Mining & Exploration” Article by Skauge

The most manageable steps of reading a long article are to overview what the authors communicate in the papers. The reader may not get the significant meanings of what the writer speaks about in the report but develops a clue of what he is to expect. The first step is to scheme through the paper’s table of contents to see what it contains. Skauge’s (2020) content list implies that the article discusses space mining, treaties signed by various nations regarding the issue, and the conclusion.

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The reader then schemes through the introduction and background, not reading all the sentences within these parts. This quick tactical reading hints that the article talks about space mining, strategies, and soft laws. Quick scheming of the body text and partially reading the sentences should be the subsequent step. The last step of quick reading entails quick scheming through the conclusion as it sums up the main points discussed within the papers.

Difficult steps of reading the paper entail the reader taking a lot of time to digest the concepts written in the journal article. The student thoroughly studies the report and makes sure that he understands every sentence within Skauge (2020). The reader rereads the sentences and phrases that he does not understand to get a better understanding. The students research more about the various treaties discussed within the paper to understand them better. Through this deep research, the reader generates a comprehensive knowledge of the global space treaty requirements. The student also reads the entire paper two or more times to understand space mining exploration better.

The challenging sections in the paper entailed the international space regulations, where the writer referred to an already discussed treaty under a newly discussed treaty. This comparison of the two treaties requires the reader to move back to the previously discussed agreement to understand what the author discusses thoroughly. In an example in Skauge (2020), where the author mentioned the outer space treaty under the moon treaty’s discussion, the reader must go back and refer to the previous argument the author had developed. Another perfect example in the article is when the writer compares the deep sea and ISA treaties to Antarctica; the reader must refer to the treaties to see what has already been explained. Without doing this, the reader can not comprehensively connect the treaties discussed.

The article discusses essential issues regarding space mining, which is a quick-approaching reality. The USA and other developed nations like Russia have found an interest in exploring minerals in space. The 2015 space act also propelled many private companies to put an investment in this sector. The existing treaties require the international community’s support to regulate the exploitation of these minerals without conflicts. The decreased chances of these conflicts increase space stability and lift the US space economy.

The weak law that governs space mining is unenforceable, creating a gap for potential battles. Allowing these soft laws to operate while barring the creation of new and better treaties will allow potential space conflicts to continue in the future. The countries will continue using soft laws to enhance their maximum. The formed treaties must be enforceable to avoid future disputes among countries within the space. The enforceability can be strengthened by creating initiatives that make it hard for nations to violate treaties if they change their countries’ leadership. Treaties can also enforce penalties to avoid nations violating these treaties.


Skauge, T. (2020). Space mining & exploration: Forcing a pivotal movement. Journal of Corporation Law, 45(3), 815-832. Web.

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