Sports Marketing Strategy Article Critique

Sports sponsorships are ubiquitous for various enterprises, particularly those that produce goods associated with physical activity. However, many companies with a more general orientation also make use of sports to gain recognition and spread their message. The study reviewed in this work, conducted by Ghezail, Abdellah, and Mohammed (2017) defines the concept, analyzes its goals, and investigates the effects of the sponsorship of the USMA club by Ghezzy. The authors survey 200 of the club’s fans and ask them several questions about their awareness of the brand. They aim to determine whether club sponsorships are as effective as other forms of sports marketing.

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The authors conclude that the practice of sponsoring a club is positively associated with a variety of benefits for a company. According to Ghezail, Abdellah, and Mohammed (2017), in doing so, it increases fan recognition, improves their opinion on the brand, and makes them more likely to buy its products. However, the authors also conclude that on the whole, club sponsorship is less effective than that of individual sporting events. With the latter practice, the company can capture the attention of attendees when their emotions are heightened without having to risk the disinterest of fans that may result from the team’s competitive decline.

The theoretical portion of the study is beneficial in enhancing one’s understanding of sports marketing as a whole. The practice consists of multiple components, and companies should understand their relative effectiveness when designing promotions. The club study helps marketers determine whether club sponsorships should be an area of particular interest. However, the sample size is too small for the results to be entirely reliable. Overall, the research results deserve attention, but additional, more extensive investigations are necessary before the findings can be put into practice.

Reference List

Ghezail, M. M., Abdellah, C. and Mohammed, A. (2017) ‘Sports marketing strategy in achieving the marketing objectives of the economic enterprise: a case study (Djezzy – fans of USMA club)’, International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences, 5(3), pp. 182-188.

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