St. Anthony’s Medical Personnel: Internal Marketing

One of the critical approaches to implementing a new marketing strategy is presenting it to the stakeholders – employees and patients. It is also crucial to address any concerns or different perspectives that they may have regarding the new offerings because it may help improve it and ensure the participation of staff members. This paper aims to summarize the main communique points that can be used to describe the new plan and service line to St. Anthony’s medical personnel.

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Talking Point Communique

The managers of different departments will have to explain this marketing strategy to the personnel and make sure that all concerns are addressed. Bergstrom (2019) states that talking points are the best method of ensuring that the process of communicating an idea is efficient and consistent. Thus, the following bullet points address all the aspects of the chosen marketing strategy, while the next paragraph will discuss alterations that will be made to the existing service line.

  • Innovation is not only an opportunity to introduce new products to clients but also a way to achieve better market value and competitiveness (Cohn 2013).
  • St. Anthony choose to make changes in the operations of its labor and delivery (L&D) unit because the current environment of the healthcare industry alters approaches to the provision of care and customer expectations.
  • It is necessary to introduce new offerings that will be a part of the L&D’s offering to prospective mothers.
  • The main idea behind this strategy is to offer more value to clients from different services, show them the impeccable quality of standards that this L&D adheres to, and assure them that this hospital is a trustworthy health care provider.
  • The L&D will focus on promoting its facilities on online social media platforms and through the hospital’s website to reach a broader audience.
  • Educational lessons will be used as another communication channel that will help provide value to patients who use Medicaid and priorities price over other factors.

Criteria for Evaluation of Feedback

It is necessary to assess the reaction to communique using perspectives of different stakeholder groups. Linman (2018) states that it is a crucial part of people’s engagement. Firstly, the executives should assess responses to this communique during the meeting in which this plan will be presented. At this stage, they will have an opportunity to address concerns and different viewpoints, which will be elaborated on in the next paragraph.

Cohn (2013) argues that measuring response to innovation though numbers are critical because it allows evaluating the efficiency and response of staff members to the plan. Therefore, St. Anthony should use an evaluation scale that would provide personnel with options from 1 to 5 as part of the response to questions regarding the marketing strategy. The executives that communicate the policy will be the ones presenting insight into the opinions of stakeholders based on their perception by using this scale. In this scenario, 1 indicates dissatisfaction with the plan and negative response, while 5 means that the strategy receives support from personnel.

Moreover, the L&D department can hold an online survey through emails sent to employees to determine their attitude towards the plan. Similarly to the previous method, the evaluation should consist of a numeric scale and assess answers to several questions concerning their satisfaction with the marketing strategy, intake on its efficiency, and overall perception of new services. This will allow understanding whether this particular unit was motivated by the communique and can carry out the tasks outlined in it.

Another essential factor is assessing feedback from participants outside this hospital. According to Xesfingi and Vozikis (2016), the patient satisfaction rate is the most important metric that allows identifying the success of operations. However, it can only be measured after the implementation of this marketing strategy. Cohn (2013) suggests using a competitiveness assessment tool v-CIM to examine novel approaches and their efficiency.

This model considers five domains – business base, resources, will and culture, solutions, and value as part of the examination process. This framework can help receive an in-depth examination of the strategy to ensure that St. Anthony is capable of carrying out this plan. Therefore, the hospital should focus on assessing feedback from two primary stakeholders – patients and personnel, as well as reviewing the overall efficiency.

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New Service Line

  • The most significant change that will be introduced is the ability to receive manicures and pedicures within this hospital, which will be offered by on-staff professionals.
  • Additionally, the physicians from this L&D department will participate in educational classes for future mothers facilitated to patients free of charge.
  • The two approaches will help advantage the customer demand and provide more value to the patients at St. Anthony’s.

Addressing Concerns

Perspectives of different stakeholders should be considered when evaluating this plan. The primary concern, in this case, can be the safety of manicures and pedicures and their effect on pregnant women. However, Marie, Cabut, Vendittelli, and Sauvant-Rochat (2016) state that these procedures can be performed without harm to the mother and baby if appropriate materials and techniques are used. Thus, St. Anthony will ensure that the personnel performing these services have sufficient knowledge of approaches that should be applied when working with pregnant women. Additionally, because the courses will not bring revenue, the medical personnel may be concerned about their wage.

However, the financial analysis and cost and benefit calculations that were presented in the marketing plan consider the hourly wage that will be paid to medical personnel that participated in the implementation of this marketing plan.

Finally, the staff members may be concerned that this strategy would harm the quality of operations that this L&D delivers. However, both the marketing strategy and the current evaluation indicate that St. Anthony is capable of adhering to the highest standards of performance, which will be improved in the future through customer satisfaction. Additionally, the hospital will continue to provide high-risk delivery services and obtain certification and rewards for performance excellence. Therefore, although St. Anthony plans on using marketing more extensively, the priority for quality and competency remains in place.


Overall, this paper present a communique plan as well as strategies to evaluate the response and address the concerns of stakeholders. Firstly, it is necessary to explain in detail the new approach to offerings provision and communication channels that the L&D unit would employ using the bullet points presented in this paper. The manners should provide their evaluation of the response using a scale from 1 to 5. Next, the new service line should be explained concisely, and significant concerns such as patient safety and wages should be addressed utilizing the information presented in this paper.


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