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Stadiums as Solution Sets for Detroit Downtown

The investigation made by Lynn Bachelor (1998) centers around the problem of finding some solution sets for the development of Detroit Downtown. The author starts the article by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the mentioned solution sets with proper examples of putting the theory into practice. These cogitations are made through a comparison of benefits gained from building stadiums with those achieved from constructing industrial objects. The main issue of the article which the author is analyzing is the problem of development of some districts of a big city and attempt to find the best solution to this problem. Each statement is supported with data collected in different periods and different cities and statistics, comparing different advantages and disadvantages of these buildings. The statistics provided make the research well-founded and more valuable for further studies in this field. Outlining participants of processes of building these two different types of constructions, the researcher provides a discussion about their preferableness. Having analyzed the data, the researcher concludes that both these projects are the response of a public sector to the demands of a private one (Bachelor, 1998). However, the author underlines different sources of their funding, making emphasis on the fact that for sports buildings public share is higher than 50%, while in industrial projects its proportion is much lower and counts about 30% (Bachelor, 1998). From this point of view, it is more profitable to build industrial objects. In conclusion, the author says that despite the great differences which exist between these two projects and the more profitable character of industrial buildings, the creation of stadiums was preferred to change the image of Detroit Downtown and attract peoples attention.

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In the following work, the researcher does not only underline drawbacks of building sports buildings but also supports this statement by stressing the seasonal character of outcomes of stadiums as they are tightly connected with sports seasons and games. The researcher outlines that sports buildings can also provide some working places and influence the development of infrastructure, however, this influence is also inconstant. The author underlines the fact that industrial buildings can be more beneficial from this point of view, suggesting more opportunities for people to work and bringing constant and great benefits. Her conclusions are quite reasonable and supported by clear evidence. Having analyzed them, it is possible to admit the populistic character of these actions. The author says, that the choice was made taking into account possible changes in the image of the city and the way they can influence the development of its attractiveness for visitors and investors. The researcher does not conclude whether it is good or bad, leaving it for readers to decide, providing new findings in this sphere.

The researcher does not only provide discussions that allow the sense of other possible topics for my future research but also provides one title to recommend the future studies. The author does not take into account some other benefits of building stadiums. That is why it is possible to investigate these solution sets from another point of view. Erection of sports buildings will stimulate the development of sports in the city and whole country, inspiring people to go in for sports. In its turn, it can result in increasing the level of health among youth which will be caused by athletics. That is why it is possible to continue investigations in this direction, analyzing the benefits of reducing funds spent in the medical sphere.


Bachelor, L. W. (1998). Stadiums as Solution Sets: Baseball, Football and the Revival of Downtown Detroit. Review of policy research, 15(1): 89 – 102.

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