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Stages of Life: Factors Influencing People

I should say that age is one of the most important factors influencing people in their lives. When becoming older, you start to devote attention to things previously disregarded and spend time in activities that were viewed as not meaningful or not attractive in the past. The same can be stated about the experience in the healthcare sector, as with age, people become weaker and suffer from multiple chronic diseases that should be treated to preserve the desired quality of life and live happily. The change might seem not such significant at first, but now, when I am 72 and look back, I notice that much has altered.

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First of all, I should say that my interaction with healthcare professionals is completely different nowadays. When I was 20, 30, or even 40, I preferred to minimize my visits to hospitals, and only a severe injure or some serious cause was a reason to consult with a specialist. I was light-minded and disregarded numerous recommendations and prescriptions, thinking that doctors just wanted to play safe and were too cautions. Today, I interact with care workers regularly because of my chronic diseases and the need to support the high quality of my life. I feel responsible for my family for my health and try to follow all prescriptions to avoid complications and live happily.

The area of clinic essential for me also changed. Previously, accident and emergency or trauma departments were the most vital for my well-being as it was injured several times and needed the assistance of medical workers to repair my hand and leg. However, over time, priorities have changed, and cardiology is now the most concerned with my health. I have problems with blood pressure and heart, that is why I regularly attend specialists of this department to monitor my state and ensure that medications I use are appropriate at the moment.

My problematic heart was also a reason for several hospitalizations, and I should state that family support was critical for me and helped me to recover. My wife and children were allowed to visit me during my hospital stay and helped to cope with routine tasks or just talked to me. I think it is always a good idea to let your close people see you as it helps to remain in a good mood and provides an additional motivation to recover. One can understand that he/she is loved, and it is a perfect stimulus to recover and try to improve the quality of life, to be with the family, and communicate.

Family members also help you to observe recommendations and prescriptions. My wife and children were educated about my current state and the critical importance of medications, their appropriate use, and monitoring of my health status. That is why they always help me and remind me about the necessity to take a pill or have my blood pressure measured. I think it is also a good idea as I can forget about it sometimes, but my wife is always here to remind me and guarantee that doctors’ recommendations are followed.

Altogether, I should say that everything changes when you become older. My relations with the healthcare sector is a perfect prof for this statement. I now spend more time in the hospital consulting with health workers and doing multiple tests. However, I think it is the only option to remain healthy and preserve the quality of life at the desired level, that is why I accept it and acknowledge the importance of this experience.

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