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Storms, Forests, and Coastal Beaches as Places of Interest

Storms and forests as John Muir’s point of interest

John Muir observed that human beings and the environment are highly interdependent in the universe. Noting that human beings rely upon their natural environment in surviving and living a blissful life, Muir got attracted to the beauty of storm and forests in their natural settings. He appreciated that storms form an integral component of forests, for they determine the growth, strength, and beauty of forests.

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When storms occur in certain natural forests, they cause magnificent swinging of branches, shedding of leaves, and whispering sounds that express power of nature in controlling its own activities. The universe is full of natural attractions that are evident in the interrelationship between storms and forests. Viewing nature, Muir could not help wondering about how snow, avalanche, dew, rain, lightning, and thunderstorms concertedly regulated the growth of vegetation and forests. Storms and forests provided a view of understanding how natural forces interact effectively in creating a beautiful environment that is worth admiration. Thus, powerful forces of nature compelled Muir to examine the influence of storms on forests.

By examining the influence of storms on forests, Muir realized that forests undergo intermittent periods of generation and degeneration. The intermittent periods of forest growth due to storms gave him an insight into how nature is under self-regulation throughout all generations. The insights formed a basis for his support and quest for preservation and conservation of natural resources for posterity.

Since the natural environment as depicted by storms and forests portrayed how storms play a significant role in shaping the growth of vegetation, Muir noted that beyond the interplay of natural forces, preservation and conservation of natural resources are central. Hence, he became an ardent advocate of environmental preservation and conservation in American as he actively participated in issues affecting the environment. Due to his immense contribution to the preservation and conservation of natural resources in America, especially national parks, he became the father of national parks because many conservation activities in America currently are attributable to his devotion to environmental science.

In his philosophy, Muir believed that God bestowed life and resides in the natural environment; hence, the perceived nature as the sacred home of God, and thus needs preservation and reverence. Muir worked tremendously hard to educate Americans to realize the essence of wild nature to humanity. He believed that human life and wildlife are interdependent and scared, for they are forms of life that sustains the existence of the universe.

Muir noted that God lived amongst his creatures as nature reveals marvelous creation. God bestowed love to the universe through his magnificent works of nature, for instance, storms and forests express the divine nature of the universe hidden in powerful forces of nature. Taking storms and forests as part of the universe, Muir perceived the love of God expressed to humanity, which compelled him to advocate for preservation and conservation of the environment. Thus, his philosophy and religious beliefs made him consider the conservation of the environment as a sacred duty of mankind that led him to observe the importance of storms and forests.

Moreover, in addition to his religious beliefs and philosophy, Muir loved the natural environment tremendously. He believed that if God bestowed glorious creation to humanity, it was essential for human beings to recognize the importance of wildlife and become stewards of the environment. Since he believed that God and nature are one, Muir loved the environment so much that he dedicates his life to advocating for its preservation and conservation.

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Compelled by his philosophy and beliefs, Muir dedicated his life to conservation because he highly believed that it was his sacred responsibility to honor God and the environment like a home of humanity and divinity. His love for the natural environment made him a nature writer. Muir noted the fantastic relationship of storms and forests as he describes that snow, rain, and winds have a unique influence on forests because they increase their strength and beauty through constant interaction. To Muir, forests and storms have fascinating coexistence that depicts harmony in a turbulent universe. Thus, fascinating coexistence triggered his love for the environment as a physical component of divinity.

Since Muir studied geology and botany, which triggered his explorative study of nature, he developed a strong interest in wildlife. His studies gave him an insight into the delightful forces of nature and developed extensive urge, which propelled him to seek inherent attributes of nature that underlie human existence. His quest for environmental knowledge led him to discover that storms and forests communicate subtly to humanity.

Consequently, they required some attention from human beings to appreciate marvelous works of nature. He plunged deep into the geological action of glaciers and the natural history of wildlife. Through his studies, Muir was able to realize the inherent power of nature; therefore, he continued to advocate for protection and conservation of the environment, which led him to be a pioneer of national parks across America.

A coastal beach as a place of interest

I am interested in coastal beaches because it has so many fascinating natural settings. The coastal beaches are particularly amusing and fascinating because of fine sand, echoing waves, blue sea, mangrove forests, and sailing ships. The coastal beaches have significant importance to me because they provide a relaxing environment. Whenever I am tired or free, I usually spend a considerable deal of my time strolling along beaches while appreciating the fascinating blue sea, sailing of ships, beach activities, and natural settings of mangrove forests. The coastal beaches reflect the expansive and intensive power of the universe, which human beings rely upon for survival.

The existence of the sea gives an assurance that water, which is a source of life and essential for the survival of humanity, is exceedingly plenty in the sea and thus need constant protection and conservation for sustainable use.

Intriguing features of coastal beaches

Coastal beaches are remarkably fascinating because they provide an exceptional natural environment that displays the immense power of nature. Among other attractive features, fine sand, sea waves, blue sea, and mangrove forests are forms of the natural environment that dominate coastal beaches. It is intriguing and appealing to imagine how sandy beaches are appealing not only to sight but to feelings.

White sand that spread across beaches gives an impression of a clean environment that is free from any contamination and litters. The cleanliness of sandy beaches is worth imagination because it appeals to beauty. In addition, fine sand that spread across beaches provides soft and supple ground where one can comfortably work barefoot, unlike hard and rugged ground in other environments. The textural feeling of sand is immensely appealing as it makes people walk barefoot so that they can experience the beauty of sandy beaches. Hence, sandy beaches are attractive phenomena of coastal beaches that substantially appeal to many people from inland.

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Sea waves are also some of the great features of the sea that makes it truly fascinating. Echoing sea waves create nature’s music that brings about a soothing effect to buzzing activities of beaches such as swimming, skating, cruising, and diving amongst other elegant activities. The echoing sea waves express nature’s music that is unique to coastal beaches, hence making it quite fascinating. Furthermore, the constant flowing of waves across the sea into the coastline depicts the beauty of the sea.

The constant flowing of waves expresses the liveliness and power of the sea as a natural environment that hosts a consummate deal of wildlife and humanity as well. The flowing waves are not only appealing to sight but also to activities. Pleasurable activities such as skating, swimming, and cruising among other games substantially rely upon waves. Thus, sea waves are critical features that are acutely fascinating in coastal beaches.

Moreover, gazing into the distant sea gives a view of a blue sea that forms an expansive world, which seems to have no end and full power as depicted by roaring waves. The ability of the blue sea to support gargantuan ships attests its matchless strength hidden beneath its depths.

The expansiveness of the sea that only disappears at the horizon gives intriguing appeal to the eyes. Cruising of large ships into the deep sea is an intriguing phenomenon because it depicts the power of the sea as a form of transport, in addition to supporting diverse forms of life. The ability of massive ships to cruise in the sea also expresses the extent and beauty of human creation, for human beings have tamed wild seas and utilized it effectively.

Ultimately, fascinating forests of mangrove forests provide an invigorating environment that experiences a calm breeze from the sea and hosts diverse species of animals that live among them. Diverse animal species such as fishes, crabs, and birds offer unique attributes to mangrove forests and add life into the expansive sea making it lively and fascinating. The mangrove forests demarcate sea and inland, hence forms a transition that hosts diverse species of animals that are particularly attractive to watch. Therefore, coastal beaches offer a beautiful and fascinating environment that is worth thinking about and imagining about it.

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