Strategy Implementation

Organizational structure is a simple reporting relationship in an organization. It’s the manner in which work is shared and integrated among its members. Information on the organizational structure can be sourced from the book “Corporate Tides” by Robert Fritz.

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Proper decentralization is achieved when decision making groups are independent and flexible at operational levels in the organization. More information on decentralized organizations can be found in the book “Human behavior, communities, organizations, and groups in the macro social environment” by Karen K. Kirst-Ashman.

The roles of teams, committees, and workforces include being responsible for the continuous improvement of products, services, processes, and relationships and also doing the work. They also set targets. They can be more flexible because they can be formed easily and quickly or disbanded, and they can be more productive than larger groups because they have a precise performance and set targets. More information on team committees and workforces can be found in the book “The wisdom of teams” by Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K.

Budgets are set by the implementation of an accounting and budgeting system. Performance objectives and goals of a company are documented in terms of finances, and this serves as a planning and controlling system which is used throughout the year. The book “The Budget-building book for non-profits: A step-by-step guide for managers and boards” by Murray Dropkin, Jim Halpin, Bill La Touche has more information.

Planning is done by forecasting and making assumptions on the future about the external environment of the organization, which it cannot control. Measures are taken to evaluate performance; this is done by assessing employees and activities to make sure activities are effectively and efficiently fulfilled. Organization’s goals are also monitored to ensure the objectives are met. More information on how budgets are set and performance evaluation can be found in the book “The Budget-building book for non-profits: A step-by-step guide for managers and boards” by Murray Dropkin, Jim Halpin, Bill La Touche.

The firm’s employees should be sufficient in number and with the right skills to ensure successful implementation. Employees should be talented and motivated to work towards successful implementation. Employees’ attitude towards their company and their job determines their job satisfaction. The book “Fundamentals of human resource management” by Raymond A. Noe has more information on employee motivation and management.

A culture is a form of control that directs behavior in an organization, and leaders should instill and encourage values that will make the company thrive. The company’s values include its desire and ability to develop and to come up with ways to make it better. Another matter is their ability to satisfy and make their customers happy through their services and products and their interaction with the people in the company. The company’s employees are also essential and of value to the company; thus, they should have a desire to improve them as well.

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If the values are in accordance with the company’s vision and strategic focus and if they encourage behavior that will support competitive advantage, then it will be widely shared and accepted by the employees. The fundamental norms of behavior can act as healthy controls for strategic implementation because they can encourage behavior that is in accordance with the company’s values. People need not be watched all the time, thus enabling the desired action. More information on costs is found in the book “Organization Theory and Design” by Richard L. Daft.


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