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Stress Management on the Job

The symptoms of stress are known to everyone: muscle tension, constant fatigue, irritability, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, palpitations, and obsessive thoughts. Life gives a lot of reasons for stress: a quarrel with a loved one, a sharp remark from a boss, a mockery from a colleague, rudeness of fellow travelers in transport, and troubles with children. Rapid diagnostics can be carried out to determine the causes of stress and the degree of manifestation of stress symptoms (Kröll et al., 2017). It is necessary to carry out educational work to familiarize employees with the causes of stress, ways to reduce the manifestation of stress, and the need for a healthy lifestyle.

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Each supervisor wishes to be viewed as a decent chief and pioneer – and Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, causes it to appear relatively easy. Following his guidance, employees can listen to a short lecture and, if desired, discuss the pressing issues that caused tension and anxiety (Cain, 2020). For example, Facebook often invites psychologists to the company or arranges for employees to attend external group training (Cain, 2020). Hence, Zuckerberg encourages educational work that can take the form of workshops on topics related to prevention and stress management.

In addition, to reduce the level of stress, the leader can organize a relaxation room and equip it accordingly with the help of plants, music, and pictures. Many companies offer payment for fitness center services to employees (Kröll et al., 2017). The ability to go outside at lunchtime, and to leave work on time is also measured to deal with stress. Corporate events can also be done in these ways if they are voluntary.

From my experience, an atmosphere of benevolence, lack of excessive control, and accessibility of information help me to reduce stress between teammates. I often offer to invest time for relaxation, reading books on mental health, and tell if there are any inconveniences during work to prevent stress-related issues. The introduction of these principles into the corporate culture helps combat stress among employees to bring more value to the company in which they work.


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