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Social Responsibility in Business

Practice shows that a business that takes on various social obligations always shows better results in its work. By investing in the social sphere, business organizations ensure their successful promotion. The development and improvement of the social environment correspond to the long-term interests of businesses and organizations. In the long term, social responsibility can increase consumer confidence in the products produced by this organization.

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The social responsibility of business is understood as charity, patronage, corporate social responsibility, social marketing programs, sponsorship, philanthropy, etc. Thus, it is possible to say that the social responsibility of business is the influence of business on society (Nelson, 2021). It is the responsibility of those who make business decisions to those directly or indirectly affected by these decisions. Business social responsibility is not a rule but an ethical principle involved in the decision-making process.

The Body Shop is a cosmetic brand that has bright and distinctive features. This company strives for social and ethical good since it refuses animal testing and fights against environmental pollution (The Body Shop). The company is very frank with customers and provides customers with complete information about its products. Thanks to this philanthropic strategy, the company has a high level of trust from people and a good reputation among those who fight for the purity of the environment.

The TOMS company is engaged in producing a variety of shoes, but this is not its distinctive feature. This company is involved in charity work, gives shoes to children from 23 countries, and cooperates with charitable partners (TOMS). TOMS shows high corporate social responsibility, promotes innovation, and promotes democratic principles around the world. Such activities attract new customers who are eager to help children in need. It is a noble initiative that contributes to the economic stability of this business.

I would advise SNHU Pet Supply Company to contribute to environmental protection and charity. It is possible to donate part of the money from the proceeds to construct animal shelters or orphanages. Also, there is a possibility of starting a movement that fights against animal cruelty and attracts buyers to it through public events. It is necessary to spread the ideas of mercy and compassion and mutual assistance, and moral principles. In other words, a philanthropic social policy will be the best solution for SNHU Pet Supply Company.


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