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“Strong Looks Better Naked” by Chloe Kardashian

In her book, the popular celebrity and the star of the famous reality show “Keeping up with Kardashians,” Khloe Kardashian, shares the recommendations on the healthy lifestyle and fitness by focusing on her personal experience of fighting with the excess weight and lack of confidence. Previously, the author herself had many bad habits related to unhealthy eating and drinking, she experienced many challenges in her personal life, and found it difficult to overcome them under the constant public attention (Kardashian xv). However, the young celebrity found strengths to improve both her psychological and physical state by working on her imperfections and flaws that interfered with many aspects of her social performance. In this book, published in 2015 in New York, she reviews the common mistakes a person may make on the way towards weight loss and deliverance from the bad habits by emphasizing the significance of paying attention to three major constituents of every human life: body, mind, and soul.

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The book is divided into three large sections called “Body,” “Mind,” and “Heart.” In the first part, the author reviews the multiple aspects of physical health. There she addresses the issues of exercise and food. In Chapter 2, “Food,” Khloe Kardashian also gives some advice on how to approach the changes in diet; she speaks of the psychological implications of healthy eating habits and tells how to make the conscious choice of products. In the book, she introduces the recipes of healthy meals such as Chinese Chicken Salad, Homemade Hummus, and Khloe’s Ideal Oatmeal.

The book is interesting because of its focus on the psychological issues and the worldly wisdom asserted by the personal experience of an individual who is always in public sight. First of all, the positive results achieved by Khloe Kardashian and illustrated by the photos harmoniously incorporated into the pages of the book may appeal to many women and may contribute a significant portion of motivation for change. Secondly, the author uses simple language, understandable to many people. At the same time, many of her claims regarding the nutrition of the body and good eating habits may be scientifically proved by the majority of nutritionists, psychologists, and other medical practitioners.

The issues of health, beauty, and psychological well-being are deeply interconnected. It is possible to say that each individual is more or less concerned with his/her health and appearance. However, many people experience challenges in attaining favorable and desirable results, and they often feel hopeless and diffident. Thus, the book “Strong Looks Better Naked” may become an effective instrument and source of knowledge for people who want to improve their lives.

As Khloe Kardashian said in her book (2015), the ideal doesn’t exist, and no one ever can achieve perfection; however, in case a person doesn’t give up the attempts to become at least a little bit closer to it, in case he/she continues to be engaged in the self-development, the success becomes achievable (xv). It is important to keep trying to become better from day to day and reveal the inner potential to its full extent. The analyzed book thus has its purpose of changing lives for the better by informing, motivating, and inspiring the feeling that one can become the best version of him/herself that could be ever possible.

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