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Suicide Barriers on the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is one of the most famous attractions in the world that has been notorious for its suicidal history. People intentionally jump from this bridge to end their lives every two weeks, choosing this method of suicide as the quickest and most available. Despite the liberal tendencies in claiming a human right in committing suicide, the issue is of dramatic complexity. It should be addressed with all integrity on the highest levels of governance.

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In the USA, the number of suicides per year is higher than the number of homicides. The increasing tendency of people leaving this world in an attempt to solve their problems is devastating. Despite the different religious views on sins, one of which, from the Christian point of view, is suicide, the value of life as the main virtue remains unchanged. In most cases, people who decide to commit suicide act under the influence of depressive feelings. Indeed, the majority of suicides are those with physical or mental illnesses or in a severe state of depression that might be cured or assisted. The survivors of the Golden Gate Bridge jumping say that after crossing the railing and making the last step, they understand that all that seemed unfixable is fixable. Therefore, it is morally right to encourage public obligations to prevent suicides and provide necessary social and professional means for people in trouble to find help.

Moreover, people who have attempted suicide by jumping into the waters of the bay or who have landed on the safety nets at protected sights do not jump again. This proves that in the moment of weakness, they might have made a wrong decision and needed help instead of making such an irreversible, decisive step. The debate around the choice of living or dying, as a right of every individual, triggers multiple social, cultural, moral, religious, and medical factors. In my opinion, in contemporary civilized society, people should act under common rules. The procedures of euthanasia and assisted suicide to provide a professionally-informed opportunity for people whose decision to end life is reasonable, given their health or life conditions to commit suicide. Despite the personal matter of making a choice, it is a public responsibility to make everything possible to prevent suicides to save the treasure of life.

The Golden Gate Bridge might be an attractive place for people willing to commit suicide due to its monumental construction, mysterious history, and the walkway along the road. From this perspective, the bridge must be equipped with additional safety measures to prevent people from falling. As for the suicide incidents, I think that the devastating statistics must encourage the authorities to take action and invest finances into the construction of safety barriers. It is always easier to damage something than to create, which is why it is so important to give people another chance by helping them get help, become seen and heard, and ultimately overcome the crisis. It is impossible to measure human life with money, more so if it is about hundreds of lives every year.

Therefore, the notorious Golden Gate Bridge that is the sight that attracts many people seeking to commit suicide by jumping into the deep waters is a dangerous place that needs to be equipped with protection. Suicides are commonly committed out of depression and the loss of ability to deal with life problems. However, the people in their lowest must be given a chance to get help to preserve life as the most valuable possession.

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